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Always laugh to myself when I see these come out so late, but it just means that you and the team are working late hours to bring us these sorts of things. Love to see updates, and you managed to get this one out in the nick of time for May :grin: Anyway, one of these days I’ll get my act together and submit a design or two to the catalog, it’s an intriguing offer, and one that I hope to take up sooner rather than later.


It’s too bad Proofgrade prices need to go up but that’s better than being perpetually out of stock.


Really glad to have search, but wish it weren’t hidden in the view all interface. Should be front and center imo.

Any guidance on when the new prices will hit?


And by how much?

Significantly worries me that it’ll be more than a 25% increase, which is what I would find acceptable, personally.


WRT your doorstop: “it costs seventeen cents to make it out of Draftboard”.
Haha, well that same piece of draftboard you pay $4 for costs $109.32 Canadian so my doorstop would be cheaper at Walmart I think.


The increase does worry me. I know most places will be going up in price but this just may price me out of my little etsy business to help pay for things… there was nothing mentioned about bringing prices back down after things hopefully blow over but will that be the case?


Yeah. He said “significantly” and later on “way up”.

This seems like 50-100%

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Haha, well that same piece of draftboard you pay $4 for costs $109.32 Canadian so my doorstop would be cheaper at Walmart I think.

No kidding.

Maybe Glowforge could look into partnering with a Canada-based distributor so we don’t keep getting reamed with ridiculous cross-border shipping costs.


„We have to raise prices on Proofgrade materials soon“

Bad news. If this improves the availability of the materials, that is of course an advantage. I have never been able to order all the materials that interested me at the same time. Something was always sold out. Because of the shipping costs, I have to think very carefully about what I am ordering.

For me, as a non-US citizen and importer of the materials, a price increase will probably be beyond the pain threshold. I already have to pay very high shipping costs (sometimes as expensive as the material costs) plus customs. I have a lot of alternative material suppliers here, but none of them offer a quality comparable to some Proofgrade materials.

@Dan - can you please think about alternative shipping methods or distribution channels and distribution partners? I don’t have to receive my goods within three days. I am happy to wait three weeks or longer if the shipping costs are not so incredibly high. I cannot pass these costs on to potential customers.

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Understood Marcello. I’d love to have materials staged in other countries so we have local shipping rates - but our first step is to make sure we can adequately stock our existing warehouses.


Thank you for the search feature and for the adjustable height. Obscure, perhaps, but I am super happy for that. Fine control has a place in my shop.
I have not made a doorstop… but I have made lots of simple things to improve my own world quicker than 2-day shipping.
I am within continental US and rarely source through glowforge. I love that there is a way to get premium materials designed just for my GF; but you can certainly run a shop on alternate materials if the premium is out of your price range.
Thank you for keeping quality as a priority for those who need it. And thank you for explaining so we know what to expect.


“We’re doing both”… what, raising prices and be out of stock? :wink:

When we will have folders for our files? It’s a very easy database change to add a column and have a separate table for folder names based on user. Maybe a day or two of code work.

And it looks like the engrave preview color changed to a really dark blue. The pink was at least moderately ADA accessible for low vision, the dark blue is impossible to see. How can we change that?

And lumber increases were temporary. They are dropping back down to pre-pandemic prices, so the huge price increase is no longer warranted or justified.


You can change the colors you see by clicking the three dots and selecting a different palette. As for lumber prices, the increases may be temporary, but they certainly haven’t gone back to pre pandemic levels and Glowforge didn’t raise prices during the time the prices were going up.


Love that you added settings for paper. But settings for cardstock - specifically scrapbook weight- would be even better.

I suspect you know you can save custom settings and this post has some really good information about various weights of paper: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock

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I don’t know when you added the options for different types of colorblindness as a beta… but I love it. I only have a slight issue myself, but know a lot of others who are color blind. I love the accessibility of it. It’s a small thing, but its nice. :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s a shame that the interface isn’t ADA compliant :frowning: but that helps.