Discussion of September 2022 Update

I am not experiencing this. I suggest that you clear your browser cache and/or try a different browser.

Already did that. Was doing the same thing in different browsers.

No issue here. Just uploaded the most complex vector design I have (5.6MB), took just a few seconds, then less than a minute to process and render.

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What happens when you load a Glowforge file such as the Gift of Good Measure?

Same thing. I finally got it to work. It just came back on its own. After this engrave I will try again to see if It happens again.

Now it’s working fine.

I can also see the US from the bottom of my driveway but I can’t get Proofgrade shipped here. There must be a really great reason, and I hope @dan and crew will share more info about why and whether they have plans to sort that out.


I use a log book to record my settings for each job.
My files are always backed up elsewhere, and I can always reference my log book for configuration, run time, and comments on results.
Looking forward to trying the folder view, though. And congratulations to the software crew who had to re-architect their information.


Which is all grand, and I’m sure we all have our methods, but this is still not equivalent to using the native storage.

None of the workarounds preserve “previous prints” data, for example. If your design gets yoinked after 30 days, print history goes with it. The storage limit is a downgrade, so in order to be able to use the full features of the UI premium is required.

We knew this – some features were always going to be premium – but I’d consider these features seem to be core functionality, so to me premium is required to make the GF experience as advertised. If your designs are pulled from the ui there is simply no way to replicate several of the upsides of Glowforge’s cloud-based solution.

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Yep, totally good points.

And self-admittedly I benefit from the early backer status so have a history. And I’m also not a super high-volume printer.

I use the print log the same way I use a brewing log: recipe, time spent, and results. Maybe not what everyone needs, but I do find it gives me a reliable knowledge record without a single point of failure if I need to recreate a print.

Sounds like the mess Circuit tried last year… so now they are trying to operate like a “hobby” machine :frowning:

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Would be nice if we had a section in the catalog that is “new” - all the new files instead of scrolling through all the pages looking for new files… Or even have them in newest file uploaded order…

You can sort the catalog newest to oldest.

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AWESOME, AWESOME. I’ve been wanting the catalog feature for a long time.

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How do I get rid of all the GlowForge crap on the dashboard? Like the recommend for you stuff. Im never going to use any of it. the dashboard, when i first bought mine has basically all my stuff on it. now it is everything but. I do not need folders and what the designers think others will like. I want to be able to customize it to what i want and not have to go hunt every time i open it up. NOT EVERYONE WANTS THE SAME THING


along the lines of my comment. when i purchased mine a year ago, i had most of my designs on the dashboard. now there is 10, and the rest is all GlowForge crap. Stuff and designs that I will NEVER EVER use. I do not need folders. I need a personalization option, not somebody telling me what i like. I like clicking on one of my designs and the setting already there. I to have to write settings down because with this operation you never know if they will be there when you return

purchase regular materials. Proofgrade is just a way to jack up the price. For instance I can buy a 4x8 sheet of 1/8 mdf for 16.00. It would cost 300 here. Id check your box stores or, like i have here, there are some wood suppliers that can order what you need

Oversized always has a 10 dollar surcharge when i order it and meet the free shipping minimum.

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Try this work-around: hide the pre-loaded Glowforge smart folders by clicking on the three dots and selecting “Hide”.

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All my designs are gone since this upgrade! I have checked all designs and the Smart folders that are currently defaulted on my dashboard. Any idea where in the world I should be looking! So freaking out right now!