Discussion of the April '18 update

The issue still lies with the regulating body of the governments though, as they set the standards to meet. Good point on the actual testing being done by independent testing agencies though. One would think it’s a matter of submitting a production prototype for testing, and making revisions based on feedback from the testing agencies from a group of countries, so you can make one that fits the needs in all locations without having to produce a specific model for each country. It’s probable they should have just taken orders for the US only, then offered them overseas (and Canada/Mexico) after approvals were granted.
My main point was that Glowforge would be happy to ship to these countries, but cant because those countries regulations are stopping them.


I am sure every company would be happy to ship stuff without approval but most countries don’t like unsafe appliances to be sold to their populations. In the UK and Europe we apply the same rules to our domestic products as the ones we import. So products sold here need CE, whether imported or not.

And as of this morning, I’ve been told to cancel by my boss. He was completely over waiting (tried to convince him to keep the order). I’ve been told we’ll order once they finally start shipping to Australia which I doubt will happen and if it does I won’t get any of the store credit etc. Would be nice if they’d still included it for any customers who had to cancel and reordered at a later date because of the massive delays.

If this was the case, isn’t Glowforge allowed to provide this information to these certain countries rather than giving us new shipping dates that extend another 3 months every time. I mean, its not the international customers fault for speculating reasons to why it was pushed back 3 months every time when the team doesn’t inform us why the heck it was pushed back.

Yes, they are “allowed”, though in some cases comments can frustrate the process or laboratory by creating a new argument/distraction about public characterizations and blame, plus in some cases affecting liability, so GF chose to go the “no comment” route presumably due to advice they got from consultants and/or counsel.

Conjecture would be that they ran into extra snags with the testing lab and/or consultant specific to your country. Could be difficulty getting on the lab calendar, difficulty explaining how the device is different than a laser pointer, difficulty with some aspect of the device requiring a new round of testing after a design or manufacturing change or holding off on changes while they hope to convince the testing laboratory that the change isn’t necessary.


Can everyone please stop the whole savings account interest money back BS please.
If you had invested the GF money into Bitcoin (At $257), you would have made over $160,000 with it’s current price (At $8,471)… but you didn’t, none of us did, we bought a Glowforge.

You have three options:
a) Cancel your Glowforge and get your money back (Which at the moment with the exchange rate for Australians at least, isn’t too bad. I refunded the AirFilter and got more than I paid).
b) Refund the shipping cost, get someone to pick it up locally and deliver it to a freight forwarding depot and get it shipped that way. And at that point you will be using an un-certified electronic laser, which will probably void any home insurance you may have.
c) Wait.

PS - I’m an Aussie, I’m pissed about the delays, and am using the refunded AirFilter money to buy an Emblaser 2 laser cutter locally for only $3600 while I wait and see if I refund the entire GF.


Once you have the Emblaser 2 let us know how you go.

Given the delays in shipping to Australia, I am I also considering…


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Don’t worry. They will delay it further. It has moved to November 01 for a lot of people. But that is just a ballpark estimate. And every couple of months that estimate keeps being moved forward a few months. And then the shipping itself might take a month on top of that (when it finally ships, sometime in 2019 maybe)?

So yeah, you’ll probably be back in Singapore with time to spare.

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So wait I am a little taken back right now by the different models… now double the warranty?

I just feel like the ones who had held on for the 2 year ride of pushed back releases just got the short end of the stick on this new update. Now if you buy the unit you get a “double warranty” Does this mean mine just quadrupled? Now there is a plus model :frowning: I am just disappointed this wasn’t thought about three years ago because it would of been nice to have a faster unit with better cooling. I can not begin to explain how hot Florida is and that the unit is constantly in Cooling. I am glad there is progress with the company just feel we are being left out right now with our limited special edition Glowforge with original glass tops :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure I speak on behalf of all 30 day backers when I say we would like some love too. Some of us are building a business around your product the extra reassurance is comforting.

The plus does not have better cooling.

The warranty is not doubled from what you ordered. Originally the warranty for a Basic was 6 months and the Pro was doubled to a year. Earliest buyers got more than that anyway.

Sorry understood the better cooling was included.

So when it comes down to it the price for the basic is almost as close to what I paid for it 3 years ago. I think that that is something that seems unfair that we showed our faith in the product. As far as the “More” that we got was because of the 3 or 4 times we were told “I’m Sorry” that they could not meet the dead line set. If you are ok with that then that’s you but it was something I had to deal with every time the deadline was pushed.

So its not the cooling, not the warranty, but compensation for waiting. I get it. You want to vent.

I ordered at an affordable price for me. That hasn’t changed. And there is still a price difference, gift certificates and the $20 per month. Even if there wasn’t, never felt that the good fortune of others somehow makes my life less.


well, to be fair, it was marketed that you would get a machine for half of retail price if you ordered in the preorder campaign. those who are still waiting on the machine are now getting a very minimal discount compared to half of retail for buying 30 months ago and waiting through numerous delays. i don’t think it’s unreasonable to be unhappy about that. especially for those who are outside of the US, where the gift certificates and store credit have significantly less value, since many of them will be paying VAT and significant shipping for anything from the store (if they can even order from the store, which i’m not sure non-US customers can do easily yet).


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What a joke.


It is for the extra warranty the coverage. I am not asking for a lifetime warranty but something more than what was given. I have no clue why you even have to say the line " Even if there wasn’t, never felt that the good fortune of others somehow makes my life less." I enjoy giving gift and doing for others but this is business. Anyone that knowns me personally know I even give my time for others and take joy in the happiness it brings them. So you can take that and laser it. Its about a business doing right by their customers. I didn’t get my $20 per month until I emailed and questioned it 4 months later… what if I didn’t ask? I have had my GF for 4 months now… So really I am going to push and ask. If you don’t want your extra warranty then that’s on you.

I am sorry to hear that man. I hope you get that cleared up and don’t lose hope. It is still an amazing machine with its alignment issues but still amazing.

i’ve had mine for a while, i was being empathetic to others who don’t have theirs yet.


Ooooh! Yes Please!

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