Do we still get "founder" Status?



I remember seeing back in the April’s posting that we who ordered before Oct 25, 2015 would get “founder” status. “•We’ll recognize you as a Glowforge Founder in your profile forever.”. Is that still the case? Do we know when that will be applied?


No reason that should change…





I don’t wanna have to wear a wig though…itchy.


Sorry, you wanna be a Founder? You Gotta wear the wig.
Just the way it is.:relaxed:


And if you’re going bald like me, the wig would be an added bonus!


After seeing @3d_g33k’s post my gut reaction was to go and photoshop everyone’s avatar overtop all the faces…but then I realized no, wait, I seriously do not have the time for that :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Oh but she’ll wear the peter pan outfit…:smiley:


A GF on the table then?


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And the whole thing engraved on 1/2 inch Maple in 3D


Well, I may not have managed the avatar-face-replacements, but how 'bout this? :wink:


Nicely done…thought you were a Secret Squirrel beta for a second there! Chuckle!


Hahaha oh man, I wish!!! Nope, just me and my good friend Photoshop :grinning:


Hi @dan (or anyone else who knows), I ordered by GF in October of 2016. Does this also entitle me to founder status? Thanks!


Anyone who ordered during the crowdfunding time frame (ending Oct 26th 2015 - I think) is in the founders group.


Thank you. I guess I wonder which of the benefits I get due to the delays, as I also pre-ordered, and also received the note in December that stated:

  • We’re going to give you ever design from the video that’s in the catalog, for free
  • $50 of free inventables products
  • Gift certificate that will increase $20 for each month you have to wait past your scheduled delivery of either December or March (so this one clearly included me)
  • Of course, you also get everything else we’ve rewarded you with. That’s the $150 Proofgrade materials pack, the $50 design gift certificate, Founder status, 10% discount on materials, and 10% discount on designs

So perhaps it’s just the last bullet that’s in question? I guess I wasn’t already awarded with those things? Of course I’m not saying I should get the same reward levels as those of you who have been waiting so much longer than I will have, but mine will also be a year wait by the time I receive it, nearly 2.5x the delivery date I was expecting. I’m not complaining, I’m excited, and just trying to understand. I think I had assumed I get that last bullet, but I am thinking I misunderstood.


Actually I believe the cutoff date is considerably later than that but we need @dan to verify.


Yeah, I was under the impression that the cutoff was relatively recent (a few months ago, perhaps).