Do you need A LOT of veneer?

Seen at Ganahl Lumber today: various widths from 8’ (96”!) long by 12”-48”wide rolls of assorted veneers. Some have 3M adhesive backing and some have paper backings. It’s the same brand Rockler stocks in small sheets. Pricing quite reasonable, zoom in on photos to see shelf tags.


Are you offering to resell it or something? This store only exists in the Los Angeles area.

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There are over 15 million people living within a half hour drive of one of their stores. About 5% of the US population. So quite a lot of people here on the forum will have a direct interest in this post. Regional stores for areas with much lower populations have often been mentioned here without any negative comment.

Plus I’m sure many stores in other regions will also stock this product. It’s something for people to look out for.


Wow, cool! Is this an in-house brand of theirs? I can’t read the website in the picture, unfortunately; could you please let me know what it is so I can see if it’s something I can source locally here?

Thank you for sharing!

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wonder how difficult it will be to flatten for use in the forge? Thicker material on rolls can be a pain to re-flatten without adhering it to something.


looks like those are Sauer packages. if i’m reading the labels right, that’s not a great price. the 24x96 roll of PSA backed maple is $79. same thing is available at woodcraft for $52.


Thanks @tim1724! Yes, there are many GF owners in Southern California. I thought it might be helpful for anyone who might have an urgent project and “needs it now”.

Fortunately no :smiley:, it’s Sauers and Company, they supply a lot of stores and sometimes sell direct.
And welcome to the forums @nikita!

Yeah Woodcraft’s got them beat, I was comparing to the small sheet packs at Rockler. Again, both stores are great for “I need it now” or “I’d like to see it in person” purposes.

As for flattening the roll @jbv - I’ve had success for cabinetry with lightly misting with water and leaving under a sheet of plywood or mdf overnight but YMMV. These larger sheets in conjunction with the Pro passthrough would be fantastic for a full table top inlay design.


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