Dodger Stadium... did you know it's built into a hillside?

Dodger Stadium - seven layers from the bottom of the base to the top of the tower. Dodger Stadium is built into a hillside or a hill was formed around it when it was built, I’ll have to see if I can locate an account of the construction details, but anyway… A total of seven layers of Proofgrade Maple Plywood were used in this model. The traditional base is elevated to better emulate the elevation changes of the real stadium and the downward drop to the stadium floor from ground-level parking, so this model includes feet at the corner of the base.

I’m currently attempting to model the two signs that carry the LA and Dodgers logos on either side of the field entrance, but the scale may not allow it. I’ll update later if I am successful. :slight_smile:


They topped some local hills and used the dirt to fill in a ravine to make level ground for the stadium & parking lot. There’s an entire elementary school buried under the parking lot.


Ohhh…that sounds like a creepy horror story waiting to be told.


The bell still rings each day, and the patter of little feet can be heard…


This is great; keep on keepin’ on! The things I learn on this forum…

hears childrens laughter in the distance…


Keep um coming!

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Around noon you can still sometimes get a whiff of cheap pizza in the air.


Thia place has changed a lot from when I remember it.

but using hills to get a rise I recalled.

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NIce! How many are you planning to do?

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Wow, I am really loving your series on the different stadiums!


I have pretty much committed to modeling everything for which I can locate enough data, even some classic stadiums that have been demolished and replaced.


I think that ASU stadium has had several incarnations. That is at least number two and I think I remember a third there

Add ‘The Big House’, University of Michigan Football Stadium to your list!!!


Will do! :slight_smile:

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I could have sworn that you had posted the SVG for these…I found myself wandering over to the forums to start a late Valentines Present for my husband and remembered your post. Was I. mistaken?

He does sell them check out this thread for details.


All my stadium files are for sale. Message me for details. :slight_smile:

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Interested in the Packers stadium please

In the post right before yours, the designer states that files are for sale and to message him. Click on the designer’s avatar and message them directly.

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