Does PG material have a recommended shelf life?

Last year like November ish?

August. I have a bad memory for dates. So it’s been through a lot of changing weather.

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If you still have materials from last November, I don’t think you are taking this Gowforge concept seriously.

Joking aside, I will be lucky if I still have anything a month or two down the road. I burn it up a bit.
Two lumber yard trips already…


I have virtually all of my PG stuff, I cut almost exclusively non PG, mostly BB from lumberyard and exotic hardwoods from

In fact, literally the only PG material I have cut at this point is one sheet of clear acrylic.

As I type this, I’m working a piece of PG cherry hardwood received in March of 2017. Tiny wrinkle about 2 cm long near a previous cut, but otherwise no worries. Neither harder or easier to weed after. YMMV.


I have a pretty significant backlog of projects to get around to “eventually”. Right now they’re coming in a lot faster than they’re going out.


When I first started playing with the PRU I just stacked new PG on top of old PG. Figured out last fall that I should be rotating the stock because I found differences in thickness of the “same” material - rotating the new stuff to the bottom keeps things from getting too mixed up and their changes in spec from messing up a project as I go from different “medium” thicknesses. Still have the potential but it’s limited to just the occasional piece as I move from one batch to the next vs mixed up batches as I pulled a sheet and moved things around. I think I still had some April stuff in September :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link.

No problem! I’ve been pretty happy with their stuff, and the prices are pretty good. I broke it down vs inventables here:

Worth mentioning that their thicknesses do vary a bit, especially their maple seems to run thick (more like .160 for their 1/8” product). Definitely measure before designing if material thickness is a factor. (Good advice with any material)

They also sell on eBay with free shipping. Their username is “monitorseller”.


I agree for the wood, but the cutting board price was crazy. Thanks for the eBay moniker too.

Crazy good or crazy high? I haven’t looked. Got a url to what you’re looking at?

Their’s (albeit not the same material or size that I bought)…
I just can’t see buying for that price, lasering, and selling for a profit.

I’m using boards from this site. I can’t find the exact ones I bought. Might have been a clearance item. I paid $22 each for 9"x14"x1/2" Bamboo. More like 0.58" so I’m working without the crumb tray. See this post Unfocused Scoring and A three hour tour


Even that seems high, in the face of IKEA.

Not exactly apples to apples, but a 17.75x11x.75" APTITLIG is $7.99:


Good to know. I haven’t been to IKEA in ages and last time I checked, I couldn’t order online. When I run out of the ones I have, I’ll try theirs. Some that I practiced on were from Walmart, but very thin, and bamboo quality was poor.

I’ve had those boards from IKEA in my hands, they are pretty stout, good finish quality. The angled edge is pretty modern and very Scandinavian, but if you’re cool with it, it’s a nice board.

I still had a few pieces from my original PF shipment (June-ish of last year?). I’ve noticed that the masking is starting to wrinkle on the older pieces.

Funny I bought that one yesterday!

Nice! I’m on point about the finish, yeah? It seems well-made.

Let us know how it takes a lasering!

I’m very sorry for the delayed reply.

We believe Proofgrade should work well for at least a year if stored in a temperate location out of the light, although it may get more difficult to peel off the protective coating with time. Also, as the wood expands and contracts, wrinkles may appear in the protective coating.