Dollar tree Plastic Cutting Board

Has anyone created stencils using the dollar tree plastic cutting boards?

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It doesn’t say anywhere I can find what they are made of. The best case is that they cut and melt badly, the worst case is that cutting one will destroy your Glowforge. The general rule is to insist that the material proves it is suitable before you try as you will not save enough to buy a new Glowforge by trying to use it.

Even when it does destroy the machine the effect is usually not immediate unless it bursts into flames, with materials containing chlorine as an example a single-use sets up a corrosion that might take months to show up conclusively.


Do not take the chance experimenting with Dollar Tree plastics.

There are many laser safe materials that are GF friendly?

Dollar Tree plastics are great to use with a Cricut machine.


What would be the best cuttings for the Mylar sheets?

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Mylar can be cut with a laser and is clear.


I will echo what was said above, but add - you can do a “flame test” to see if unknown material contains Chlorine. There is much information on that out on the interwebs. I have used that to check material that I could not obtain the SDS for.

If that’s beyond your capability, then just steer clear of unknown materials and stick to those known to be laser-safe.


You’ll have to test, which is quick and easy.

Check out #6:

And there have been other Mylar discussions, searching the forum will get you going::


I agree with @eflyguy. Use the Beilstein test:


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