Double light switch cover

We just decided to upgrade our fireplace in the living room, and the new glass door set for it has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. Figured it was time to upgrade the double light switch cover in that room to match. I created this from scratch in Illustrator but it looks a lot like the door set.

Proofgrade maple for the main piece, with walnut veneer for the trim bit. I made a spacer piece for the back from Baltic Birch so the whole thing would fit. Also, the original screws were cream-colored paint on steel, all scuffed up. So I ground off all the paint and applied Vintaj bronze metallic patina–I think it looks great here.

I’ve added the files for this to my original posting of light switch covers (which included a single and a double with switch and wider opening), to keep them all in one place, here.


Oh I absolutely :heart_eyes: this! (So much nicer than the slightly grungy fingerprint covered white plastic covers.)

Most Excellent!


Nice work!
It took the second paint job after 20 years for me to notice the builder-grade white plastic switch covers. :no_mouth:
Changing them out made a huge difference.


Guys are like that. I think it’s biological.
When we had our house repainted I didn’t like the color. For about 2 days. Then I stopped noticing. :smile:


I like it! Simple and elegant (and retro :blush:)


Very decorative … Really nice work.