Dragging my svg file over to the print area

I keep trying to drag my svg file over to the print area and it will not stay. What am I doing wrong?

Way too many unknowns in this post. Need to be far more specific in exactly what you are doing or trying to do.


I imported an svg file that I created and I am ready to print. I put my proof grade material in the center of the Glowforge unit and clicked on my design and tried to drag it over to the print area and it will not drag. It snaps back into the left margin where the uploaded designs are located.

Your design should be somewhere over the material. If you can’t see it, try zooming out. If you still can’t see it, the file may not be set up correctly.

The stuff on the left is just job settings control. You can’t drag it out anywhere.


So, you are in app.glowforge.com, you upload an image, you select the image and after a moment or two the layout page is showing with the little icons on the left side? If so, your design is already in the layout space. You may not be able to see it because it may be located way off of the layout space or may be grayed out because you have not entered the material height and power/speed.

Try doing a ctrl-A. It will select all components on the screen.

I tried ctrl-A and nothing. When I press print it says there is “no artwork” in the print area. It is proofgrade material so I shouldn’t have to enter the material height. Very frustrating!
I thought on a previous print that you drag over an uploaded design that is in my left margin. No?

No, the design might be somewhere off of the artboard, but you don’t drag the thumbnails in the left column over.

On the top row there are Zoom tools…click to Zoom out to 67% and see if you can see your file.

If it’s proofgrade and it’s either not reading the QR code or the QR code is no longer on the board, just click on the unknown at the top left and tell it what Proofgrade material it is from the list.

I just tried one of the Glowforge designs and I can see it ready to print on my screen. There must be something wrong with my sag file imported from Inkscape… I guess I will contact Inkscape. Like I said very frustrating.


Would be easier to post the SVG file here. Zip it to post. We can look at it and give advice.

Since Inkscape is created and maintained largely by volunteers and it creates content for many purposes they probably won’t be able to help you.

Drop your svg into a zip folder and upload that here (into a post on this thread). The volunteer army that is the Glowforge customer base, I’m confident will be able to help you.


GodBless.zip (10.7 KB)

Here you go!

Looks like your design will show up about 8 or 9 inches to the left of the allowed design space.


Yes, you also need to assign a stroke color to that oval or it won’t cut.

GodBless (3).zip (4.3 KB)

Thanks but it does not even show up in the allowable design space.

I’ll check the stroke color.

Thanks again.

I think that was my point. It’s not in the allowable design space. If you upload the file as show here it will appear off of the design space and grayed out. It will be very hard to see.

You need to move it over onto the canvas in the Inkscape file before you save it as an SVG. Then you will be able to see it on the Glowforge interface.

Ahhh. Ok… I will do that within Inkscape.

BTW, are there any Inkscape consultants that charge hourly that the community can suggest?


The easiest way to get your art back to where you can see it in Inkscape is clicking and dragging like Jules said. If for some reason you can’t do that (or hate mousing like I do), the most ironclad way to do it is to select all, then set the X and Y to 0, 0. Save it and import it and it’ll be pegged to the lower left corner. Can’t miss it.

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