Drawing to Glowforge to Downloadable File?

It’s been stated that everything will reside on your cloud–all the designs we upload to our respective accounts. What about the designs that are cut over our drawings? Could we, in turn, download an svg file that represents that print?

How great would that be to sketch an idea, do a test on GF and then get to download and manipulate it digitally (make any corrections/enhancements/etc.) and proceed back to GF?!

Over the weekend, I was talking to a cousin who’s an architect (and a really talented artist) and I could just see it in his eyes (while watching the launch promo)–he was having visions of the possibilities. We can’t wait to collaborate on something! We could sketch an idea, “print”, test, adjust, print, test, adjust,… Oh how I can’t wait to get my unit :smile:


I think @dan has said it has been requested and is on the requested feature list, if not dan can we get it on there?

You bet. It’s on the list!