Does glowforge have it own software to make drawing

No, the Glowforge does not have its own software for drawing. Many people use Inkscape (free), Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Design.

There is an additional service Glowforge sells called Premium. If you subscribe to this service, you have access to lots of images (clip art type things) text and shapes. It isn’t a drawing program, but you can design files for lots of things like signs, coasters, personallized gifts, etc.


Glowforge Premium has image software like Cricut that you can put together designs but actually drawing your own you designs from scratch you will need other software that specializes in that job. Inkscape and Gimp are my go-to but there are a lot of similar software that many coming to Glowforge already know.

Think of it like an Epson printer that prints out what you send it but does not come with all the kinds of programs that can feed it.

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I’ve got both but don’t know how to draw with them.

I had only heard the name Inkscape before buying my Glowforge, and still am finding stuff, but the best way to learn for me was to just go through every button and learned what it did, without ab end goal in mind, then when I had an end goal I had an idea where the buttons were.

Others take a deep dive into YouTube, I would just pick the method that works best for you, but take a deep dive in even if you don’t have anything to hand the Glowforge at first.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of stuff you can use in places like Free Laser Designs but keep in mind that these cannot be sold but can be for personal use or gifts for friends.


This helped me more than anything.


And after that, you can learn a lot about Inkscape on this guy’s YouTube channel:


Can’t endorse Logos by Nick enough. He’s my go to guy.

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Thanks community! I’m just going to add a couple more links…
You can read about Glowforge Premium here: April 2020 Update

And I recommend checking out the first 3 prints here: https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033633354-Your-First-Prints

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