Duplicate carvings in glowforge

when rendering my design in glowforge all my cut lines are rendered one time. But my engrave design is rendering 4 to 5 times I have to then choose to ignore the duplicates cant delete them because they are stacked on top of each other and cant select them individually.

I have tried both inkscape and silhouette and there simply is no duplicates there. I have tried clearing my browser history, I’ve tried copying my design and posting into a new file separately, I have tried a completely new file new design and still my carvings are showing as multiples like ghosts and seems to be growing.

I am completely lost as to what I could possibly be doing wrong this just started a couple two or three days ago never had the issue in the past.

Any help or suggestions would be great at this point I’m afraid it’s going to be unusable pretty soon

In Inkscape, it is important that your lines are set to center stroke rather than inside/outside. The Glowforge interface does not create additional lines that are not there, so whatever is happening is in the file, not the interface. If you switch your view in Inkscape from normal to outline, you can sometimes see the duplicate/stacked lines.

If you want help with a file, zip it and share it here and someone will look at it and help you.

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There are lots of posts about this problem. Perhaps this will help: Search results for 'double lines' - Glowforge Owners Forum

hummingbird hole top

not sure how to upload a file?

it’s not the lines that are duplicating though it’s the image thats in the center of the humming bird the outside and all the lines are fine.

I just opened this in Inkscape. I clicked on the hummingbird and moved it away from the circle. There was another hummingbird still left behind. This image is lots of things stacked on top of each other.


Yup. At least two overlapping copies, plus another outline built from disjointed sections.

how do I separate the overlapping copies? the disjointed sections I’m aware of

Delete one.

when I am in inkscape and select the image of the hummingbird in the center and delete that it deletes the image completely leaving only the outlines and the disjointed sections but no image

From your description it sounds like there is a bitmap in your file as well - the forum strips those out. You need to zip the file and upload for that to be preserved.

hummingbird hole top.zip (147.8 KB)

I dont want the file fixed though I want to know what I did wrong so I dont do it again if thats ok

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Can you describe the steps you took to make the file?

wow not without a small novel being written I’ve been learning changing and evolving this and a couple more am fairly new. If I have to I’ll start from scratch but I have 2 that this happened to but in a nut shell found an image I liked and then drew around that using outline then circle around that then lines intersecting that two then erasing the lines so that the inside and outside connected would be the just of it I guess it’s not a complicated drawing really I havent figured out how to take the disjointed lines and flattening them out to that the cut is one line but I wanted to get this ghosting issue fixed then work on figuring that out.

found it. No clue how i did what I did but I got rid of them. I want to thank you you did help me now to work on the rest lol


btw that was 2 days straight messing with that

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So you are starting with a clip art image from istock, you trace the image to remove the watermark and then build the ornament circles around that?

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basically in a nutshell

As best as I can tell, there are 5 copies of the bitmap image in that file.

well I figured out how to turn them off in inkscape but no clue how I got them there and I can turn them off as far as a view but not delete them when I delete one it deletes all of them or does when I do it.

Believe I need to start from scratch with something fresh I’ve been using this to learn and have been messing with it alot over the past 2 weeks learning inkscape and how the glowforge works what its capable of and what it’s not capable of.

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