DXF file measurements missing

I purchased a dollhouse file and imported the dxf file into my GF. Theres an error message that says “This file doesn’t have measurement information so it may appear larger or smaller than you expected.”

This file was edited by me to add plines for cutting out the design. Initially, the dxf had no layers. I created the appropriate layers for cutting and engraving.

It loads into GF but at very small sizes, no matter what scale I set it up in with ACAD.

Help please.

First thing - the Glowforge doesn’t acknowledge layers - only colours. So if you want to split cutting and engraving you should make those items different colours.

What software did you do your editing in? It will be there that you need to add measurement info - or create a 20"x12" art board in that program and the :glowforge: will keep things the same size as they are in the art board.

Lastly if you know the size of the items, you could use the ruler in the lower left hand corner of the GFUI and enlarge the items to the correct size.


If at all possible I’d recommend PDF or SVG rather than DXF. The DXF format does not define sizes in a sensible way and a lot of software that works with it doesn’t even bother with trying to define the scale. If the software you’re using to create your files falls into that group, I’d suggest importing your DXF files into Inkscape to set the scale and export them as PDF or SVG: https://support.shapertools.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052118213-Convert-DXF-to-SVG-in-Inkscape


Thanks. I usually import SVG files, however, to make large pieces smaller, I draw plines around them and change the color. (In ACAD) They then come into GF sized to fit the GF.

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