Dymaxion Globe

One of the first things I printed with my new Dremel 3D printer was the parts to make a dymaxion globe. Thank you to @rsummers for posting the link to the Make how-to article. Here is my globe on cherry :proofgrade: plywood.

Currently working on creating a dodecahedron globe!


That is cool. Great job. The Pentagon looks cool too…


Great job! I’m going to take a break from my LED projects and do this. Printing the vertices now and ready to do the wood. Great share.


To anyone without a 3d printer, this is doable entirely on glowforge too. No need to be left out!

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I tweaked the SVG he linked from Kim Stroman on Thingiverse just taking the stroke off the land mass shapes and making them a fill. I scored the lat and long lines and then cut. Not too bad… one hour and a half.


Base is a nice touch, I am not a fan of the laser burn was thinking of making another out of walnut with cherry for the continents


It’s a thing of beauty!


Looks awesome! Nice job!

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Thanks for the stand idea. I tried making one out of cardboard, size looks good. Now to make a good one out of nice wood.


This looks great. I am interested in the fasteners you are using. Are they bolts & nuts or screws ? I am looking for small fasteners and have not found any this size I like. Where do you get them?

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I bought a bunch of dfferent options off Amazon, but I think that for this one specifically, I used m3 x 6mm button head screws. Others have used socket head, if you like that look better. I would probably go with 8mm or 10mm next time.

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Do these use some kind of nut?

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No, the screws are self tapping and the 3D printed corners are designed to take an M3 screw.

Ok, thank you!

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I really like jamiekin’s version of this on Thingiverse (www.thingiverse.com/thing:2762172). He replaced the 3-D printed corner braces with laser-cut pieces. I just finished making one of these for my brother–and liked it so much I made one for myself too. Next up is to borrow your idea for the stand.


You don’t by chance have the file for the stand do you?

Hi @ryanclimb! Just a reminder - the forum rules prohibit asking people to give away their work. If they want to share the designs, they will post in the Free Laser Designs section. :slight_smile:

Oh cool, I missed this one…I just did up one of these too…the screws took all afternoon. (Sixty of them.) :roll_eyes:

I need to make a stand for it though - haven’t done one yet.

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Stand has been posted here:


Thanks for the link!! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for my (96 year old) globetrotting father but my 3D printer hasn’t come yet, and no clue when it will be released (Kickstarter).

Yay!! Now I can make one for him!

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