Eager to test the limits



I am eager to try all kinds of things on the GF – the ideas seem to just keep coming. One thing I am eager to try and see is how fine an engraving it can do. This is part of an example of a piece by an amazing young artist (who just happens to be one of my step-daughters :relaxed: ). The original complete is about 4 or 5 inches across and it is done completely freehand – how she does it just boggles my mind. I want to see if it can be translated via the GF to acrylic. :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

That is some serious talent. Please share when you attempt this as an engraving.


I will :slight_smile:


Amazing! What is the medium?


Temporarily out of likes, but that is absolutely incredible! She’s got some serious talent!!! :smiley:


Amazing and very talented!


Art pen – ink, and occasional colored pencils for shading


Bull! Shut the… No… way! TALENT!


Truly amazing. She must love to do this type of art otherwise I think you could go crazy trying to draw something like this. :smile:


That is some wonderful line work! She will be putting the Glowforge through it’s strides for sure!


This is so amazing! How long does it take to finish such a masterpiece?


It varies depending on the size (we have a shadow box on the wall with two round ones about 3 inches each in diameter) Several hours each…


And …mind blown for the second time today!


That is simply incredible! Pen!? Freehand!? Only hours!? WOW!


wow. It really looks 3D. great work.


Damn! Out of love again :heart::love:


Oh, how yummie! I’ve been tediously working on some tracing of some of the art from the anthropology museum in Mexico City and it’s taking forever to get it into some manageable work. I appreciate when someone can just make things like this and not copying. As it is, I hunt for vectors all over!


That’s just spectacular. It’s not just talent-there is a vision behind it. If she drew that sort of thing in stackable layers, or in vector art on the computer… can you imagine the things she could laser?!? Brilliant.


started looking closer, and I can see enough little differences to tell me that she did indeed draw the whole thing by hand, and didn’t use any digital mirroring trickery.


Yeah – unless you actually watch her do it, its really hard to grasp that it is all by hand working from the center out. The first time my beautiful wife showed me one when we were dating. I was totally incredulous :open_mouth: