Earring Holder

My daughter recently had her ears pierced and she has a number earrings now. She asked me about organizing them and I quickly started searching the forums. A few minutes later:

Thank you @marthajackson1970 for sharing your design!

I did a few quick edits to make it free standing and to change the number of rows/earrings and then a quick cut. Glue and a few coats of spray finish and:

Happy to share my version of the design if anyone wants it, although it is pretty easy to create from the original…


Came out great! I’d be tempted to pop that flat piece back in the laser and embellish it with her name.


That is a good idea! I should have thought of it while making it… :slight_smile:


Your daughter was no doubt thrilled! Looks like she’s off to a nice collection of earrings also!

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