Free-standing earring holder

Original post with the results of this design:

Based on the design by @marthajackson1970:

earring (4.9 KB)


Nice! Thanks for the design.

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Great share! (Need to make one of those for my sissie!) :grin:

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Thank you for sharing. I am glad you could help your daughter.

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Kind of you to share your work!

Very nice! I will try this once I get my Glowforge Basic up and running.

Just cut this and found that one of the lower slots on the main frame is shorter than the other (thickness of PG material. Feet are not equally inserted. A quick fix with a hand miter saw…no worries. I will modify the file I have. Great stand. NOw to engrave some words on the outer edges to complete it. Cheers

I just found this design as I need one for tomorrow. What is the width of wood? Thank you so much for your kindness! :slight_smile:

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