Edited Today

It might, but I’ve been… irregular… for months now, with no real designs on returning. If it happens, it happens.

I think the Glowforge gods got pissed at me because of my beliefs that putting settings in a specific topic is bloody ridiculous, so I just put them where ever somebody asks me for them. The bull that some actual lawyer, with a degree in the law, said that if some random user posts settings in one topic over another would get Glowforge in trouble? Yeah, that’s just bull. No lawyer ever said that. Friendly neighborhood or otherwise. :slight_smile:

{jk} Hey! Are you comparing our fabulous posts to a (relatively) big ball o sh*t?!? How could you!!

I just did the Unread tab: dismiss all function cuz no way I’m clicking through that many topics just to clear them! (many blessings on @jules who mentioned that capability)
I solely read first posts and then conversations that interest me :slight_smile:


Check your tags for the thread(s).

hmm. I don’t see the tags at all in the Edit History. 2 of the four have no tags, the other two have tags, but I think they are the ones I set to begin with.

I noticed that the ones of mine that had been edited, had tags / and I don’t usually add tags to anything. But, maybe I did? If it was adding tags, I was thinking some kind of organizational effort.

Or maybe that Glowforge was marking my stuff and was going to give me some free press, but I see all you jokers are in the edit club as well… dang. :black_joker:

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Staff member “rachaelw” has closed several thousand topics in the past 24 hours. Every day since Oct 2015 I have had a zero read count before going to bed. Not likely tonight. All of those closed topics are showing as unread for me. I’m down to 1400+ right now.


This is getting out of control.

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thanks for posting, this has been driving me nuts today too!

Every time I get under a thousand it blows back up again.

Funny though - I see the total as Unread: 1918 (or whatever) on my phone but on my PC I see Unread (415) - never more and on the bottom of a post it never drops below 375. Weird behavior.

Mine has gone up THOUSANDS today. I’m sure just like everybody else’s. But geez!
Partially due to the faux editing, partially due to the closures @rpegg mentioned.

I have been practicing my upright bass today. Have a square dance to play tomorrow night. Square dances are usually about 120 beats per minute. It’s been tough to press the mouse button at 15 selections a minute after hours of practice. Any faster and I don’t get the read credit.


That’s pretty fast. Same as Polkas. (I’m a musician in PA. We know Polkas.)

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My first instrument was a full size accordion. Then puberty hit. I rightfully understood that there was zero chance of getting a girlfriend with an accordion. So I switched to oldtime banjo. For some reason it didn’t help.


Or…y’ll could be like me, living in ignorant bliss…never giving any regard at all anymore to unread posts. I’ve missed you, Anna. Or perhaps you’ve missed me.


When I was a kid I remember see a comedian on The Tonight Show (w/ Johnny Carson, that is). One of the comedian’s jokes was “Here’s a sentence that nobody will ever say… ‘That’s the banjo player’s Porsche.’”

I wonder how many of us freely admit that we play music due to the desire to attract another human being. I played trumpet for much of my youth. Still do here and there. And when I was pretty young I took piano lessons, too. But I dropped the piano lessons. Still played here and there though. And then Howard Jones came out with No One Is To Blame. And I had to learn to play it. I was in… 8th, 9th grade maybe? And that’s when I realized that girls really like it if you can play music for them. And I quickly realized that they like it even more when you can play and sing for them. So I’ve played piano ever since. I’m convinced most of my girlfriends and definitely my wife were strongly attracted to my musical abilities.


Must admit, meeting the ‘star’ in person was pretty intriguing. Turns out he’s just another person inside there…but, marrying a musician has brought lots of fun times into our time together. And for our kids, too. There’s just some kind of magical aura about a musician, I think. On the other hand though, my dad wasn’t too keen on me marrying ‘one’. It all worked out well though…50 years worth. I think my dad would have been pleased, after all.


It was definitely a shock to see 180 unread posts, but I see it was not so many. they have been threatening to close posts after a month but that just started recently, so now they are closing all the posts beyond a certain age?

Hello @Rita, is it possible to open selected posts?

banjo is a lot less uncool the older you get. at least if you’re good at it.

but hey, guitar always seems to be at the top of the list. and singing never hurts.

i wish i could play piano. but i’m a one-rhythm-at-a-time kind of guy. which makes singing and playing guitar not the easiest thing, either. unless the guy who wrote the song has the same issue.


Maybe they heard I’m having ankle surgery again and wanted to help me stay busy. :smirk:


This is a banjo and there is a big difference between the banjo and the guitar. The banjo has a round pot and it projects the sound outward and the guitar can get you laid. ~~ Steve Martin