Elemental Fish


I made this necklace charm for my daughter. The design is an inside joke. The reasoning I am sharing is the two tone finish. I engraved the face and then painted it before I removed the protective paper. I have to say for a first time doing that I am quite happy with the results.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 4, 2017



Wow! That looks better than the two-tone acrylic I’ve used!


Very nice! And we can get more color combinations with paint than with the (quite expensive) two tone acrylics. :smiley:


Super fun (and smart)!


Creative and I especially like the Elemental part :smile:


Unfortunately you have a typo. Should be Fluorine.


Yeah! I dig this alot. Turned out great! Glad the painting was so successful. :slight_smile:


I love the design concept and I love the results of painting before removing the masking. Thanks for sharing!


Looks really nice. I can’t see if this is individual tiles or “faux” tile cuts engraved. If it is faux, that is super impressive engraving on the fillet.


I always thought it was spelled this way.


That looks very similar to the process I was going to try! Thanks for trying out the proof of concept before I had to! :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you get this from the band Ghoti Hook? it was one of my favorite “weird” bands growing up.


That’s pretty amazing. I’m shocked you were able to paint the atomic numbers with such clarity being so small! I guess that’s what laser-precision gets ya.


It is just one piece. The ‘tiles’ are just engraving.


Wouldn’t have guessed that looking at the picture! Nice!


I was concerned the paint would bleed under the tape but I saw no hint of it. If anything I should have done a bit heavier paint to fill in the outer edge.


Finally a reason for masking :slight_smile:

And if you have a reasonably steady hand this could be a way to get multiple colors on a print.


You can use that green “Frog” masking tape from Home Depot or Lowes (etc.), it is designed not to leak paint under it. It has a smoother texture than normal masking tape. - Rich


Not questioning your word on this, of course. Just curious if you’ve actually lasered with it? Thinking that different tapes will react differently to being evaporated by a laser and some may curl up on the edges from the heat resulting in bleeding paint.