Elk on canvas

Following the directions in a post by @shogun, I wanted to also do an Alaska inspired canvas. Like the Norton tile I posted earlier, this was made from a online stock photo. I painted the canvas in multiple colors

followed by two coats of clear, after drying it was then painted semigloss black. This is just my first test, so I’ll play with the power a bit.

The colors are much clearer in real life, the photos don’t show them well.



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Thank you

How low is the power to just strip out the black?

NIce work! Interesting work flow. There is lots to explore here for sure!

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Speed 1400
Power 33 Vary
LPI 225


@ovm.steve, the engrave looks fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing the settings. So very cool of you.

@shogun, you’ve really started something. Such a great idea! I’m just wild for the look of these engraves. I was in awe when I ran across your original projects.


Thank you @rebecca :grinning: I am so glad people are having fun with it.


You’re going to want to either move this entire post to BtM, or just move your answer and link it back here.



Going to try this weekend :slight_smile:

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Good call, it has been moved.

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I was a little frustrated with the canvas showing through so I started experimenting with other media. This was done on the Lowe’s white/black board. The settings are similar and I think I have just about got the process figured out, I think the key is extra coats of paint but I’ll report later on that. I’m getting ready to try a moose and I’m painting it heavy.