Endless calibrating, orange light, really boring

Trying to cut tonight, but my GF will not calibrate, always ends with the orange light. I’ve power cycled many times and logged in and out of the app a few times. Moved the head to the middle a few times and its not calibrating.

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What’s your browser? I would try reconnecting to your network. Hold the button down on the forge until it turns blue.

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Its working now. Last try I kept the machine off for about 15 minutes. I did not try reconnecting to the network. What happens when you hold the button down when its orange until its blue? I did that once, because I read about it, but I don’t know what that does.

That just allows you to (re)connect it to your wifi. I think that’s what @PrintToLaser was suggesting you do.

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Ah. Thanks

I didn’t have an orange light, but I did have a bunch of "Print Load Error"s for the last hour or so. It also took forever to scan the bed and calibrate. It only started working about 10 mins ago.

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I have been having other issues as well. I have been waiting on a really simple design for way too long now. I don’t think its ever going to be ready to cut. It would be nice to know if problems like these are on my end or theirs because waiting around for this to work is boring.


I know what you mean. It was only a 28min job, not even close to the longest print I’ve done on the Glowforge.

FYI, I have 2 separate engraves I’m doing on this piece. I decided to ignore one of them and just try to get the longer one done first. It didn’t work at first, but it is running now. Not sure if it is because I ignored the second engrave, or if it just decided it was time to work.

I’m really starting to sour on the GFUI. This is a super simple design I’m trying to cut, an outline of a head to do a shadow play silhouette. Its literally one line making a closed loop. If I was cutting this on my cnc router I would know within 2 seconds of opening the drawing in my CAM program if it was going to work. If there was a problem with the drawing, I could fix it quickly and plug it back into CAM and off to cut. No sitting around staring at my screen waiting for my design to work or fail, and when it does fail, I have no idea why.
I could have cut this design with scissors and in fact since I need it tomorrow, maybe that’s what I’ll do


If you want one of us to check out the file, feel free to upload it or PM. I’d be happy to take a look and see how/if it loads for me.

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I don’t have a problem with the GFUI, my problem is with the unknown errors (which I know has been said before). Although, being able to make a simple shape and have it cut without needing to scan the material every time would be nice.
If I had an error pop up saying that it was network connectivity issues, issue with the file, or a cloud issues, then I would know what to troubleshoot. Flying blind is very frustrating. I have no idea why my file didn’t load or why it started loading with me changing absolutely nothing (other than waiting a bit); so I have no idea what to do differently in the future.


Thanks for the offer, but I have a work around. I’m cutting line drawings someone did, nice clean lines and they scanned them so I have them as pdfs. I tried loading as a pdf and that was taking forever so I printed one and used the bed scan which is going faster.

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I agree. As you said, It would be nice to have specifics about errors for troubling shooting.
I’m with you.

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Often times, PDFs will include invisible bounding regions that basically serve as clipping masks. I know the UI will error with clipping masks (a descriptive error indicating the issue) but not sure about the PDF version of that.

No idea if you’re having issues with other files… if you aren’t, then it’s indicative of something in the file.

I’m curious about the WiFi strength in your work area. I’m not sure how strong the WiFi receiver is in the unit and your signal strength in the work area but those actions all seem to point to a connectivity issue, from my perspective. Quite possibly not… but either way, you seem content with the workaround. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Thank you for letting us know. I’m looking into it and as soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

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I have been cutting a lot of vectored files which don’t take long to process, so maybe I was just being impatient waiting for the hand drawn pdf’s which I’m sure take longer to process. That night did start with a long time waiting for the machine to recalibrate, so I thought maybe something was down on the GF side of things.


I’m so sorry for the wait and I really appreciate your patience.

We’ve made an update to our firmware that should resolve this issue. To get the update, please reboot your unit. You may have to wait longer than usual for your Glowforge to start calibrating since it will be downloading the update.

If this doesn’t help and you still see the yellow button or if your Glowforge won’t calibrate, please let us know.

Again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

On another note, are you still having trouble with your files? If so, we’d like to help. Could you please:

  1. Send us the files, either by posting them here or emailing them to support@glowforge.com
  2. Describe your process and where in the process the print didn’t work?

How long do you have estimate the firmware update taking?

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Those usually take just a minute or two, and they apply themselves whenever you turn your machine on, so they slow down the initial calibration getting started. Just give it five extra minutes or so before you cancel everything and cut it off. (I usually turn it on and go grab a cup of coffee.)

I’ve let it sit for at least 10 minutes but it still hangs on calibration… frustrating. I’m out for breakfast. Hopefully it will work when I get back. I got stuff that needs some lasering!!