Endless delay in shipping

I’m in Canada, and have ordered a Pro in June 2017, but still haven’t received it yet. The estimated shipping date kept changing, and became later and later – now my air filter is supposed to be shipped on Mar 2019 :frowning:
I contacted custom support many times, but they always said they are experiencing an issue with international shipping. I really wonder how a company can survive if they can’t even handle an issue with international shipping… What’s worse, they wouldn’t send me any updates until I asked.

This is my worst experience in purchasing equipment. Has anyone experienced a similar situation?

Blame your government and the regulations therein.

Same here…and support emails got no responses at all, once Rita C with nothing helpful then disappeared…

Is there a question or something in there for support or is this going to just get closed with an apology with no new information as is and has been Glowforge’s policy for the last three years?

I wish we could have delivered on the previous date for you and others in Canada, but international customs and logistics for Canada have taken longer than we thought. We depend on expert consultants to help us with each country, and unfortunately, their previous estimates were incorrect.

I wish I could offer more help, but if you have questions about your specific order, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@glowforge.com

It’s our responsibility to get your Glowforge to you in a timely fashion, and I’m sorry we let you down. The team is doing their best day in and day out to make this happen.