Engrave off

It’s not that big a deal on this piece as it was scrap for future reference but I’d like it to not happen on something that mattered.

For the record this isn’t proofgrade but that shouldn’t matter for placement. I got the file from here(this is the redone version I’ll search for the thread and edit this post) and it most certainly isn’t off in the file.

File was processed Sunday morning, 4/1, ~ 10am eastern time.

I’m a busy guy and this was my first down time to post.

Also, I just went in on my phone to double check the settings to make sure it was engrave, not score(it may have been score as engrave does the sweep and score is directly on the line and that’s what this was) and half the settings for the various parts are all reset to “enter settings.”

Edit: here’s where the file came from


Hi! I’m sorry for my slow reply. I want to make sure that I’m researching the right thing – which is that the scored circle isn’t aligned with the engraved circle in the engraving test – is that right?

That is correct. I guess I could have included arrows there…

Thanks for your patience.

I extracted the logs for your unit to research the issue, and I found that the score and engrave artwork in your print file were askew.

I reprinted your original design, and I wasn’t able to reproduce the result you saw. When I uploaded the design to the app, I noticed a lot of clip paths which created solid rectangles that covered a lot of your design. I recommend realigning your artwork in design software and removing the clip paths, then trying the print again.

I’m going to close this topic. If you see this again or have any other questions, please post a new topic.