Engraved photo

So one of the reasons I bought the glowforge was to engrave photos. I work at a pet resort and we do photography there as well as I do my own work doing weddings and such. So I decided to engrave a photo of one of my boss’ dogs. She absolutely loooooves it! I ended up taking off the protective sheet though. First engrave I did looked super nice until i took the tape off. It took all that extra detail off. But I had to do very little cleaning on the wood and it looks super nice :). It took a lot of trial and errors though. It was hard for me to go so drastic with the brightness and contrast considering that is a big no no when editing regular photographs @_@.



If you have been doing it for print then I imagine it would be hard to push the slider that far. Looks like you have it down though.


Gosh, that is adorable! I’m predicting you’ll be doing a bunch of these.

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This is awesome. I too got the glowforge to do photos. So far it is really hit or miss. The YouTube videos for other lasers do do seem to work with the GF. Could you go through your workflow of photo prep and also what type of file do you send to the machine.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I will do that when I get home tonight :smile:

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I have only done one photo and it was 80% successful. I look forward to your process too.

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How sweet!!

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had to fix the step by step. Updated is further down


What a cute pup! Great engrave! :grinning:

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Thank you soooo much for this. I am sure it will be a big help.

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Thank you so much! A friend has been asking for an engraved photo and so far I’ve been a little wary doing it, because I wasn’t sure I could edit it well enough to look as good as yours.

I reread and there are a few thing I have to edit with the process it might be a little confusing . So I will update it when I get home. Sorry. It was late @_@

understand completely. Been there done that. I will look for the update.

updated version :slight_smile:step by step photo engrave.docx (3.8 MB)


I can’t wait to try this! Thank you so very much!

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Your photo editing skills shine through in this piece! Thanks for documenting your process so others can also knock their engravings out of the park.


thank you so much! :slight_smile:

found the step by step, sorry!

This is AMAZING! Thank you so very much for even going so far as to give step by step instructions. I’ve done several photos and they didn’t turn out super well. Although inanimate objects in 3D turned out pretty cool. I did a first house ornament for someone and was amazed. But thank you. Super grateful and excited to try.