Engraving on Acacia cutting board

I’m looking for settings to engrave on a cutting board made of Acacia. I haven’t found any recommendations so far by searching the GF community or online. Seems to be similar to blackwood in hardness but haven’t been able to locate settings for that either.

Pretty sure @shop did this. Lets see.

Not sure if he posted settings anywhere. Engraving is generally pretty forgiving and how you want to do it might depend a bit on the level of detail in your image. It might be faster and get you better results if you can do a test, but if this is your only sample of acacia, I might see if @shop wants to share.

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I did post something later on in the thread, but not really supposed to in that board (made on GF).

but yeah, i used 1000 speed, 70 power, and 340 lpi.

this was the final product.


that’s a cutting board from target. which i realized later was from the fixer upper folks at magnolia. i guess they have a deal with target.


Thank you. I have done bamboo cutting boards but not acacia. I wanted to have a starting point since I don’t have extras to play around with.

if i showed you the backside, you’d see 5 tiny numbers engraved into a corner for testing. :slight_smile:


Still LOVE that look.


did you ever get any settings for acacia cutting boards

four posts above yours are the settings i used.

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scrolled right thru it have a great xmas


Masked or no mask with these setting for Acacia

masked. but it was a straight engrave, not detailed, so masking wouldn’t really affect the settings much.