Engraving on iPad questions

So this is more of an exploratory question then help per say. I attempted to engrave the casing of my long dead MacBook pro, it went really well till it started warping because of the heat. The end result was this:

The warp is pretty severe, as the panel is no longer flat my overall concern at this point if I attempted to do this on my ipad, is that going to mess with my ipad? I’d rather not have a 128gig paperweight but I’d also love to make it look sick. I used the GF default values so none of that was changed.

If you have engraved your iPad please let me know your experience.


Long ago there was an ipad engraved: iPad A1460 Template (with Snapmarks)


I have not tried anything with an iPad, but in regard to warping I have done an engrave on a sheet of titanium for my parents grave marker (post about that still in progress). In my tests I experienced warping, as well. For my final iteration, I ended up doing small sections at a time and pausing the machine at certain intervals to allow the material to cool down. It was successful, however took a very long time to finish the piece.
I’m guessing that you are seeing the same thing because your design is very complex with lots of small details…which mine was also…concentrating a lot of heat in particular areas.


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