Engraving on tumblers

Just bought my glowforge. Haven’t gotten it in the mail yet. I’m starting a new customizing business in my home, so excited to get started, BUT the Glowforge doesn’t offer the option to engrave on things like tumblers, coffee mugs, wine glasses, etc. Anyone bought a supplemental low cost laser that could accomplish this for this reason only IN ADDITION to your Glowforge? I’m looking at the Xtool D1 and rotary specifically to have as an option to engrave this sort of thing.

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You already asked this question.

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yes, I did! :slight_smile: In the other topic category. I didn’t get any response to my actual question, so I thought I’d try a different category. New here. Be nice please and thank you!


I’m a newbie too. Would this relate to what you’re looking for?

There are many posts in which talented people document their efforts, in detail, with a plethora of useful information including step by step images. Finding them might end up being more helpful than just getting a, quickly written, down & dirty answer.


I don’t see how that answers OP’s question of what other supplemental laser you might recommend for engraving tumblers. I see no answers to that question in either of these threads.


yeah- I get that. I was probably trying to encourage OP to search through the posts more than anything else. I’ve only been on for a week or so and I’ve seen a bit of impatience come out for a few basic mistakes, especially for not searching.


You are correct. I am wrong.

The OP states that they know the Glowforge cannot do what they are asking.

But I still don’t think asking the exact same question just in different categories is the correct course of action?

Since this post is for talking about non-Glowforge products or procedures, I will move this thread to “Everything Else” to avoid further confusion.

{Edit: I just realized that is where the original thread is. That is where this discussion belongs.]

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yes, I did a search on this topic and tried for quite a while to find some info. Not much :slight_smile: But thanks for the link!

:laughing: Man, you guys are brutal on here! Impatience is what I was warned about and impatience is what i got! lol

I own an 8,000 dollar machine and am starting a business with it. I have the right to ask this and seek help from what I thought was going to be a helpful community! Thanks for your input though! :+1:t2: :grin:

I am sorry that you feel like we are brutal.

I am sorry that you feel like we are impatient.

We do try be helpful and answer questions. Many users are not on here everyday. So some patience is needed when looking for a response. There are many users here that have a variety of experience.

This isn’t going to answer your question directly, since I do not have any experience with rotaries and other machines, but I saw this recently in my email from Microcenter:

I THINK, but I’m not certain (85% positive, since the only other machine they sell under this brand is a mini CNC), that it goes with this machine:

But, I have no experience with either…I only know about it from my email and because I was interested in the mini CNC machine, and I live close to a Microcenter that has them in stock.

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Judging by the JDS Industries Facebook groups, most tumbler engraving businesses seem to be built around Epilog lasers. But that wouldn’t be a supplement to a Glowforge so much as a complete replacement. I’ve seen some nice compact fiber lasers do neat tumblers without taking up much more desk space, but they’re also as expensive as a Glowforge or more. Sorry I don’t have more to add.


The entire database here is very daunting, and picking the correct search word is way harder than asking for the answer. It is also very natural to blame one’s inability to see a cause of their problem as poor quality control.

I don’t think it is necessarily unreasonable that Glowforge Owners don’t have a lot to say about other engravers or engraving tumblers and mugs. Also, according to Discourse, you have read a total of 28 minutes since you joined the forum and that really isn’t a great commitment on your part. In general, I think you will find the members here helpful and patient. Once you get your machine, there are lots of helpful people ready to assist you. While waiting for your Glowforge, I suggest you read as much as possible in this forum. There is nearly 7 years of discussion to benefit from.


For engraving on glass there are tons of options. You can design your art, send it out, and get stick-on masks… Then you sandblast. It’s fast and economical if you sell a lot of the same design.

For tumblers and mugs you can look at dye sublimation.

As much as I love lasering things, not every decoration project has to be done with a laser.


Posts the same question two days in a row then accuses us of being impatient?


Thanks for this! :grin::+1:t2: But, I’ll take encouragement from the people who mentioned that not everyone here is snippy. If there’s a search time quota expected, please enlighten me. I’m happy to learn the “rules” of this forum! Again, new here.



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Thanks for that!! I agree 100%. Consider reading it yourself as I feel you may glean a few tips on interaction with respect in a “ shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation. ” :grin::grin::grin: I followed every single thing on there! Yay!!

As for now, I submitted a request to just have this whole post removed. Not worth the time. I got some great helpful responses form nice people. If they don’t delete, ignoring anymore comments is my way to go. Thanks!!

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