Engraving pencils

What is the trick to lining up names (or whatever engraving) on the pencils?
I have a nice pencil jig, that came with what I thought was an SVG template for the writing.
My hope was that the template would line up every time with the words.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong…or if the template isn’t what I thought?

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It needs to be in precisely the same location every time you use it.


If you cut the jig each time, it will line up perfectly. Also, if you place the jig in precisely the same place every time, it will line up perfectly and you can reuse the jig.


How do you recommend lining it up?
Any material is reusable?
So it sounds like the jig I made is useless, since I can’t replicate exactly where to position it?

Any input on editing the words? I tried in inkscape, but I couldn’t figure it out ( I thought it would be easy lol)

You can use the placement tool, or place something like tape on the honeycomb tray to mark the placement of the jig. You can easily make the jig out of cardboard or mdf.


You will need to type your own words using the text tool.

You can then center them with respect to each of the red boxes (using the “Align and distribute…” panel under the Object menu) if you want the text centered on the pencil.

The examples are already converted to shapes, they’re not editable text.

You can type the words in any program and save as a pdf. If you have the Premium subscription you can use the text tool in the interface. In Inkscape, you must convert text to paths for each individual word.

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here is a tutorial for making it reusable : Grid update and more free cutout files


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