Engraving Porcelain Tile

Has anyone seen anything about engraving porcelain tile? I put in a bathroom and have a bunch of leftover tile pieces, as well as some full uncut pieces. If I can engrave them I’m going to hold on to them.


I have some left over tiles too. I have some marble as well. interesting to try. - Rich


This wass posted some time ago, hope it is what you’re looking for.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if ceramic and porcelain were different or not. A quick look online says that porcelain, which is what I have, is denser and a harder cut than ceramic tile. So I’m optimistic that I can do some engraving, but it looks like there’s a chance I can’t if it turns out porcelain is hard enough.


I sent a couple samples of ceramic tile to @jared (Glowforge staff) last June to experiment with and he sent me back this photo. I’d image it would do an even better job now.


This onemail of the reasons I ordered. Most tiles can be layered I think. Some colors look better.


Very nice


Company called Laser Tile I believe it is. Sorry, on mobile or I’d look it up. Take a look for them though.

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Those are awesome, plus the tiles don’t cost too much. I am looking forward to making some when we get our GF. :relaxed:


The tile looks like it actually has snow on it. I haven’t seen tiles with a texture like this before.


I kind of inherited about 175 of those tiles that someone had left over from a job they never got around to doing. I’m hoping to etch them and then sell time at local consignment stores at plaques, hot plates, or coasters.


Given the time each one could take, you might be better off doing stencils in the laser and then etching; set up an assembly line in the yard and hose them off when done, haha.

With that said, sticking to vector images probably wouldn’t take too long.


Having no experience with lasers, I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I’ll experiment with both options. Thanks for the suggestion.

Another option is Cermark for glass and ceramic. It will mark without cutting the glaze and comes in black, blue and bronze. I assume it works best on light colored ceramic, but am anxious to try the bronze on some red plates I picked up at the craft store. Of course, like all Cermark, it comes at a cost.


I’ll definitely be holding on to these tile scraps. Thanks for the info everyone.

Now I really need to get on rebuilding my workshop and making some material storage. I had to tear the whole thing out for storage during remodeling, and finally cleaned it out yesterday (happy new year). I’m just glad that it is cleaned out, because before yesterday I hadn’t been able to step in it for nearly a year.


Hmm. I just remembered we have a bunch of glass-faced tiles in the basement. Not very big each, but some kind of mosaic might work.

True enough. New laser users have to beware of the tendency to forget about other tools. It’s easy to see the laser as the only solution vs as one step in a manufacturing process.


I hear ya’.

Have been “nesting” in my Tech Cave awaiting for the GF :glowforge: stork arrival.

Forgot how much stuff piles up and strangely remember why I had kept it (no real use for some items now).

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The samples that @johnwills are showing were actually done with a fast vector - I can’t remember the exact time it took to finish but it was definitely under 3 minutes and would be faster now for sure.