Engraving your Pixel 2, Surface, and iPhone (beta)


This thread is for discussion of the engrave settings we introduced in our Latest Improvements in June.

You can find these presets available in the materials drop-down, where they will appear listed by device type and color:

Your iPhone, Pixel 2, and Surface can be placed directly on the crumb tray for engraving. Make sure to remove any case or accessories before you print.

For best results, we recommend small engravings on flat areas, and keep text at 8 point or larger. Pure black and white artwork (no grey) will generally produce the best results.

As the glass surface on the face of your device is slippery, it’s a good idea to secure it to the crumb tray to prevent it moving during an engraving. You can tape it down with masking tape, or create a simple jig with Proofgrade™ materials.

The color of the engraving may vary from white to grey; also, the engraving may darken over time. These settings are only for the metal portion of the device. You may notice some residue on the surface of your device following an engrave. This can be cleaned away using alcohol and a soft cloth.

Some additional things to keep in mind:

  • When working with a MacBook or iPhone, avoid engraving over the Apple logo
  • When working with a Pixel 2, make sure to place your engraving between the camera and the certification marks at the bottom
  • When working with a Surface, be aware that the engraving results will be different between the kickstand and the body of the device

We want to reiterate: engraving your device is entirely at your own risk. The engraving could come out poorly, it could land in the wrong location, it could void the warranty of your device, or it could damage your device. As with all prints, watch carefully and do not leave your Glowforge unattended while printing.

This is a beta release, so our support team can’t handle your questions yet - but we’ll jump in when we think we can help, and try to update this post with the best advice from the thread below.