Escutcheon ME

Still bored and playing around waiting on bOb to arrive.
Got several escutcheon designs to work with and may have to change them out each week just so I feel like the time was well spent.

Latest (gasp) inspiration from cover lifting surprises

Ayup… Okie Dokie. (92.6 KB)



The term Skunk Works has taken many meanings over the years. We were talking the other day and the name came up. I mentioned that they had the coolest division patches I had ever seen, and from there we got to here.

Fast history: From California to the ‘crash test’ area to the east (area 51), the Skunk Works crews have had their hands on an impressive amount of aviation history and innovation since the 1940’s. If you ever worked on aircraft, at some point you were handling a flavor of their technology, even if you did not know it.
That represents what we KNOW (and they are allowed to brag about). There is a ton of stuff they do that you and I will probably never hear of.

All that being said, this would still be a cool name for a Glowforge.
At least until the ‘Men In Black’ show up and you forgot you own one.

Whipped a few trials together. The black and white PNG just shows up better than the ones that will get used. (192.2 KB)


Almost a shame Helios is already named.

bOb due soon. Meanwhile, more fun over drinks.
It was mentioned that all that hell and damnation stuff will be remembered when the glowforge starts acting special (doing its thing) and all the cussing starts.

A picture of a hard scolding on the wall was mentioned. To keep the cussing down.
I decided to just use the “Try Harder” admonishment.
SVG and PNG in zip. (107.3 KB)


Cute idea! :smile: