Etching small glass tiles

I just tried etching some small glass tiles, using settings that I read about on this thread

The pattern in the etch is interesting. There were some bubbles in the dish soap, but they weren’t uniform, so I am not sure of the cause. Perhaps as the dish soap vaporizes, it causes this effect.

The glass tiles are available on Amazon: glass tiles

(Post with settings is available in a post in “Beyond the Manual” )


Looks like a pretty standard etch for the settings you used. Glass always has its tricky bits.

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Thanks! It’s good to know there wasn’t anything wrong with my set-up.

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The settings you cited are in the range I would start with for any thick glass project.


That actually looks pretty good to me. One thing to keep in mind with engraving glass vs wood is that the laser actually blasts/pulverizes/explodes the surface of the glass as opposed to burning, so little “craters” seem to be the norm.


Looks cool! I like the effect. :grinning:


That explains it. That’s exactly what it looks like.

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