Etched tablet


90% done, 90% to go is very well known in the aviation world. That bit me hard with my airplane build, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

This past Friday I passed my FAA inspection and we are in the wrapping up paperwork stage which should be completed this week (fingers crossed). To celebrate passing the physical inspection I decided to throw my navigation tablet in the Glowforge and commit it to being an official part of the airplane.

I started with the stripes at the bottom as a test that would not be too noticable should it not work as expected.

All looked good with my first guess at settings so I committed to the rest.


Wow! (Just wow!) :heart_eyes:


Looks great. I was planning the same small unobtrusive test on a couple of my devices - they’re magnesium aluminum alloys (MS Surface & GPD Pocket) so I’m thinking they’re likely to be different than the ipads or iphones I usually do.


Holy crap! OH MY GOODNESS!


I am very curious to see your tests. This is the only apple product in our house but now I am inspired to etch more devices. I assume the magnesium alloy is diluted enough that it is no longer combustible?


Oh man! Long journey there. Trained as an A&P I have an idea, and seeing your attention to detail here in your posts, I’m sure your aircraft is a thing of beauty!
I have a friend in the Bay area who flies a Mooney, and we were looking at the new Chinese version of them. the electronics are impressive.

Congratulations on the cert!! :sunglasses:


Really Nice!

Nothing like having a custom iPad for the control in your custom aircraft.


Plan on a panel or yoke mount? My friend has a smaller Android tablet yoke mounted.


That’s my hope. I figured with the new power settings I was willing to start sneaking up on ones that will work for those mag based cases.


Kind of funny, I bought the iPad because when I was configuring my panel layout two years ago there were more desirable aviation app options on the Apple side. In those two years Android has grown exponentially in the field of aviation and now is flooded with wonderful and some pretty amazing apps. Luckily my mount is pretty flexible and I can change at some point if I find the need.


Super impressive all the way around.


Crazy impressive!


You brave person, you! Came out great!


Really impressive. The proportions of the designs came out looking great.


I’m no aviator, but I am duly impressed. Looks amazing…ALL of it!


Fantastic! An the lines at the bottom really give it some added depth. Great job!


It looks like the stripes followed the curved edges too! Sweet!


Good catch!


Looks great! But I thought following curves was not available yet.


I don’t know if it’s official or the target functionality they intend but I’ve always been able to get some curvature etching working with all my lasers. If it’s a qtr inch drop off, it’s just like it’s been defocused a bit which for aluminum marking isn’t going to change the result a lot vs having it focus as it goes over the edge.