Etching Tile


I think you’re better off not worrying about sealing, especially on a line drawing. If you were using something like the moon where most of the tiles surface was removed it might be more of an issue

as to the cup sticking - how many hours/days did you leave between the final spray coat and using it for your cup? Multiple layers can take forever to dry (I’m not a patient person) I’d definitely leave it at least overnight. If you did that then I’ve got nothing


Only a couple of hours, so that could explain the sticking. I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it’s still happening.


Seal the wood, don’t worry about the tile so much if using oil sharpie. after sharpie is dry and and wood sealed, use gorilla glue to attach.

The tea table in the picture attached is done this way.


@Livein3D yes, these used regular spray paint. If you’d like the brand I can get that to you later. I know it had primer mixed in it as well. As for what they’ve been used for, coasters primarily. I would like to eventually make a mosaic of tiles in the future. Because the spray paint had primer I did not seal them.


I would like the brand please. We are going to be cutting tiles tomorrow morning and running to like a Home Depot for paint. I could use the oil based sharpies. We have 3 people we want to make tiles for tomorrow for Christmas presents. Thanks in advance!!


Love the 1-2-3 birds, where’d you get the graphics?

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I love it! Did it take forever to cut?


So sorry for the delay. I’ve been distracted with moving and no internet. The paint I used with Krylon: Supermaxx All-in-one. I used the gloss paints: blue, yellow and red. Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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1-2-3 birds? The Pokémon GO Birds? I got them online and photoshopped them for just the outline.


Ha I’m sorry I’m a huge Pokemon nerd since the 90’s. I call them 123 birds because of their not-so-subtle naming artic-UNO zap-DOS mol-TRES.


I’m loving etching tile. I am concerned about Sealing it. Has any one tried this? I’m debating giving it a shot and was curious if anyone had given it a shot yet? sealer

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@LightBlue I COMPLETELY didn’t put that together regarding the language of the bird’s names. :exploding_head:


So I just got my GF 2 days ago and then this happened

Thanks so much guys for sharing your experiences. This made it very easy


Beautiful work


Anyone experience this flaking on the black glazed tile? When I touch it, it crumbles but leaves an obvious difference in the layer.


Flaking is kind of how it works but there is no telling what sort of glazes they use. I had a lot of crazing that showed up like spiderwebs everywhere near the lasered lines. the coefficient of expansion of the glaze and clay will be different but within the needs of the tile manufacturer, They are not planning on the likes of us using their stuff.


Simple easy framing: 4" Tile (4.25in x 4.25in) Frame - Flat or Wall Mount


Wonderful detail.

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Hi, did you try the 511 impregnator sealer? A friend and I have been working together to find a way to seal the tiles so that they can be used in backsplashes and as coasters.


Will be VERY curious to how it works for you! Please do share

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