Exhaust fan not starting every time

I have seen several times now when I start cutting with the Glowforge that the exhaust fan doesn’t start up right away. The input air fan starts, the machine is cutting, but the exhaust fan doesn’t always predictably start every time. (it fails to start about 1 in 10 times, but eventually starts about 5-10 seconds into the cut)

I have a secondary exhaust fan in the exhaust line that is constantly pulling 200CFM (due to the inability of the machine to allow user control to exhaust past the 5 second cooldown), otherwise the room would be quickly filling with smoke from the cuts from positively pressurizing the cut chamber.

Any ideas on flakey startup?

Thanks for letting us know about this, @markwkruse. We’ve seen this issue with delayed start on the exhaust fan a few times, and the team is looking into it. I apologize for the trouble.

Please open a new thread if you have another question - I’m going to close this one.