Experiment #375: The Fire Cube

By day, He is just a mild mannered 3 by 3 white cube…

But at night…

The innards are a paper liner (purple just happened to be what I grabbed), cut to an interesting screen pattern I got on Etsy.

Next time I want to avoid the glue marks on the cube, so I will likely go with a poster board inner cube and not glue to the sides at all if possible.

The electronics are two sets of flicker flame LEDs, half red and half yellow.

The base is walnut and maple, the soldering is sub par, the workbench appears to have been involved in a struggle and I, gentle reader, am not yet done putting lights in things. Oh no… not even a little.

MWAHAHAHAHAHA cough hack cough

As you were.


Nice and clean.

Cool! thanks for sharing the inspiration. :sunglasses:


I just checked and I seem to have over 1663 patterns to try on a thing like that. I need to manage the light part better :crazy_face:

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Thats fun. I bet with the right spiral pattern in there and if you could get the lights to flash in sequence you could get some really interesting results.


Oh! Awesome!!! Make it into an ambient orb like device!!! Those make me happy.


You mean like this:

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Another cool one!


Nice! Love the mix of gf and electronics!


Oooo, cool! I didn’t know you could get LEDs in that size that do a flicker pattern. Would you care to share your source?

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Yup that is what I was thinking. Combining the filter pattern with that could be cool. Maybe a double layer screen with a slight gap for a more complicated shadow.


Counter rotating changeable cylinders? :star_struck:


Getting close to reinventing the moire explorer…

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Except as rotating cylinders instead of a disk, and changing lights. There would be major differences as the related angles would not change so it would be more lava lamp. If the lights went up and the design went down it would be a problem for the easily hypnotised though.

Nice #necrogame though

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Getting close to reinventing shadow projector toys, which I’m not sure anyone has posted a lasered one?


I get them from Amazon:
Tons of cool colors.

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Thanks! I have a project in mind for this…

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I really kind of want to stick one of these in a cube:

But I currently lack the patience to build one.


This makes me want to just sit and stare at the picture! :no_mouth:

Led cubes like that are a heck of a soldering exercise. You’ll also learn about charlieplexing, it’s quite an undertaking.

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That’s really neat! You could get some interesting effects depending on how you cut the inside paper.

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