Experimenting & learning: Tiles and boxes

Well, just the one box…

It’s nothing the talented folks around here haven’t already done, but I’m pretty pleased with my results. Tile from Lowe’s colored with Sharpies. 1/8 inch Baltic Birch.


We never tire of seeing projects!

Looks great!


Yep! Especially such well-executed ones.

These look great! I haven’t tried engraving a tile. Do they etch fairly deep?

Depth of course depends on settings, which I can’t discuss here. However, I will say that I followed instructions I found in the “Beyond The Manual” part of the forum and they work very well for engraves that have a uniform “deep” depth . In other words, for files that are strictly black and white.

For the Harry Potter engraves those settings removed all of the masking tape I used, and also the glazed outer shell of the tile, exposing the porous bisque underneath.

The bisque really holds the color. I left the masking on when coloring them. Afterwards, I used denatured alcohol to remove any sharpie that got onto the glazed area. It also pulled some color up from the bisque and it ended up with a slightly aged look that I really liked.

I would use a different setting for the flag if I did it again. The area that I colored yellow wasn’t hit with enough laser power and the engrave ended with the glue from the masking tape embedded into the bisque. Let’s just say it wasn’t fun to clean it up. So, if you are going to do multi-layer engraves, you may want to test a bit.

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That is great. Have we ever seen a tile on a box? I don’t recall. Yes. Very nice.

There are several. Some of the boxes are really beautiful, actually.

I feel I need to learn to design my projects, and to use Illustrator better, so I designed my box from scratch. However, this box was my inspiration. (It’s nicer than mine.)


first, thanks.

but i like yours, too. here’s one thing i suggest to make life easier. start with a box maker site (i use boxes.py, but there are plenty of others), then edit it in illustrator. this can save you a lot of time setting something up that you can then manipulate in Illustrator. that’s what I did with the box you linked.

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