Free planetary gear project



This hand-cranked planetary gear is pretty cool.

The files (in PDF or DXF formats) are available for free. :slight_smile: Just click “Add to Cart”, then go through the checkout process and it’ll give you a link to download them.

Fabricate your own toothed gears
Acetal plastic
Tools, supplies to accompany the Glowforge

There are some other designs on the same site that cost a few bucks each, and another free one too. (These gears in a display case.)


Bookmarked! :grinning:


Great find. I don’t recall seeing this site before.


excellent contribution :grinning:


Good find, not only bookmarked but downloaded. This looks like a project that deserves the use good quality ply not just the MDF and cheap ply I’ve been using to date.


BM’d…I do mean bookmarked !


Very cool! Was thinking we should have a “links” category on this forum. That is restricted from comments, maybe only ratings. There are a ton of great links buried in this forum from free image sites to great YouTube tutorials. Would be nice to to have them all in one place without all the clutter:-). Not sure if this is something the admins could do???


You might like this list…
Link Repository - collection of links now located in the Q&A category.

I don’t believe Discourse has this as an automagic feature, btw.


Perfect! Thanks. Guess I never saw this.


I’ve been to busy to update it recently. I think I’m going to just put the master link up and let everyone just be their best , and update it.


Attempt no.1.

The author’s machine’s kerf must be wide, wider than mine at least, despite extensive filing it’s all just a bit tight. Making it out of MDF may be part of the problem.

Taking this on as an early project, pre-release GF bods, may be a good test of machine accuracy and one’s patience if adjusting it to suit a different material thickness.

Attempt no 2. in a couple of days.


I’m planning to do a 3D print of that gear set as soon as I model the parts in Fusion and get my 3D printer fixed.


Turns out you need only wait for your GF!
I’ve been a little busy on the forum to get back to the gears. I do plan to.


The GF is at least 3 months out so it will have to be 3D prints for now. Just fixed the printer and am about to start print gear parts.


OOL. … :+1:
Hope you post the result here.