👸 FairyTale Generator 2.0 (with amazon purchased dice and a dice jig)

This project took way too long for me to roll out at this stage in my lasering life, but I really like the final outcome, so I am sharing it with everyone.

We all love @arh2 's

It is one of the coolest things to build, and I have made a Hawaii version, and have had tons of fun with it.

At some point reading through this community I purchased a bag of wooden dice from amazon:

And probably buried in there was a jig for these dice, but I couldn’t find the jig.

So I decided to make a Jig for this, and a custom box for the dice.

I started on the project a few weekends ago, made a bunch of failed prototypes, and I am still using an annoying version of the jig that I can’t fit my fingers inbetween the dice to flip em easily.

I also didn’t have my calipers zeroed and made a dice box with lid that held a dice and a half… (material is 1/8 in ply)

When you assemble this jig, just make sure to not glue the top lid on, otherwise you can’t flip the dice.

I zipped up 2 versions of the file, one with the words as vectors in the dice, and one editable, but you’d need to turn the text into vectors to engrave.

I did this because not everyone has a 7 year old boy who loves water bears and the princess bride.

Purple: Ignore
Blue: Cut First
Red: Cut second
Neon Green: Score
Black Engrave

dice_jig.zip (192.0 KB)

If you make it please post a photo. It makes me smile :slight_smile:

Behold! The Big Jig:
thebigjig.zip (149.6 KB)


Thanks for sharing, I made the first generation one for my neighbour and it brought her and her grandkids so much joy. I will also give this one a go and might try and slip it inside the fairy door without her noticing!


What a great 2.0 version, @Aloha!


Love it! I made @arh2 's and I’ll have to give this one a try as well. I have those dice from another project in here!


I see what you did there. :wink:




So is the box-o-matic app for iPhones/iPads only? I can’t find it in the Microsoft Store. :frowning: Since we don’t have kids around (they are on the other side of the country), thought something like this would be great do change the dice for dinner menus! What fun that would be! “What’s for dinner babe?” “Oh, I don’t know, let’s roll the dice and see…” :rofl:


I am just glad you posted this because now I remember why I have that bag of wood dice. :slight_smile:


From a google search it looks like box-o-matic is in the apple app store.

Have fun making dinner!

https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ Works great if you need a box generator.


Bummer that box-o-matic isn’t for Windows as well. Hmm…I do have an old iPad however! I forgot about it. :slight_smile: And I do have boxes.py. Still getting used to things.

I will have fun making dinner! I love to cook!


Version 2.0

The Big Jig. I will add it above. :slight_smile:


I’ve customized lots of pre-existing wood and acrylic dice. I didn’t really need such an elaborate jig though, just a piece of scrap with the right square cut out of it so you know where to position the dice.

Another tip: With white acrylic dice, mask them with tape, laser emboss them, then hit those faces with red or blue spray paint before unmasking it, and they’re perfect.


I like elaborate jigs :slight_smile:
And I like having the engrave align in a most awesome fashion.


Awesome! Thank you!!


I was wondering if you could help me with some tips like what size acrylic, how to round the edges, what size cut. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you

You bet. I did a thread on my random dice experiments years ago here. It’s pretty much the same now.

If you use wooden dice you don’t really need to do the masking/painting thing, but for acrylic dice it’s pretty important.

I definitely looked into the blanks. Thank you