Fan problems

can i replace the fan on the back of my glowforge myself?

Which machine do you have?

You can leave the fan and simply use an exterior inline fan.


i have the basic

that is the one that cost alot right

It’s a little bit of a PITA, but yes, you can replace the exhaust fan yourself. There are plenty of threads that talk about removing and cleaning the fan. Some searching will return a wealth of details including pictures of what you have to open up.


i was cleaning it and one of the yellow wires came lose

So make sure the machine is unplugged, then check it a second time to be sure, and then even though it’s not plugged in, push the power button (it won’t power up of course, but this should drain any residual power that might be stored in capacitors), then reach in there and see if you can plug the yellow wire back in…


An inline fan is not expensive, and many of us use them because it makes the operation of the machine much quieter. You leave everything alone, but install in inline fan in between the window vent and the Glowforge exhaust ( as close to the window as possible). You toggle the inline filter on in the interface, switch on the inline fan (manually) and you are good to go.


i see one on amazon for 119,00 that sound right?

it came lose from the fan part i cant see where


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can you show me a picture of how you have yours connected

Mine would be better if the fan was closer to the window, but you get the idea.


thank you that gives me an idea how to do mine

what size duct are you using?

The fan is 6", the hose is 4" with adapters at each side of the fan.

did you get all these from amazon?

is this the correct adapters ???


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This is what I bought from Amazon.