Fat Sharpie Caddy

Highly related to Modular Sharpie/Pen Caddy, I got some fat chisel-tip sharpies and made a wee caddy for them with some help from Box-O-Matic. Took me forever to get the holes the right size and the alignment correct, so I figured it was worth sharing:


Colors on the SVG are all different since I wanted to be able to move individual bits to be able to use different pieces of scrap wood. Definitely needs gluing but this was a fun way to burn off (har) some scrap pieces.


How kind of you to share! This is the first fat Sharpie caddy (and of course the best) I’ve ever seen. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks very much. This community is probably a heavily “sharpied” group.


I love it! Thanks for the share!


Nice job! Thank you for the share! I have a lot of sharpies, but have to say I haven’t seen these larger ones.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!


Now I just need some fat sharpies!


Not sure where you’re at but I’m in Wisconsin and we definitely need the big ones for passive-aggressive lunch labeling here. It’s like the upper midwest version of all caps.


wow thank you so much!!! i needed that file

im a little slow at this but how do i get the file for the fat sharpie? i dont see the download. just for the regular sharpies? i dont mind paying

Right click the line drawing image and save as an svg.

thanks for your help. Learning here and i do appreciate it

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thank you for sharing- good job!

this is great!

although shouldn’t they be “plump” sharpies? :slight_smile:

Great job! How can I download the template? :slight_smile:

Right click the line drawing in the original post and save the image to your computer as an svg file.

I do earring beading and trying to make a holder for all the little tubes that beads are sold in. Any easy suggestions for an old granny?

I think it would be faster to just buy the bead tube organizer at Hobby Lobby - 9.99 and you still have time for other Glowforge projects. Another idea would be to take this file and change the ovals to circles that accommodate your tubes.


Thank you for your suggestion.
I have about 57 tubes I need the holder for :crazy_face:

Lots of files for organizing paints here in the forum that you can modify for your tubes.

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