Feature: Turn off cut path Optimization. Cut it in SVG path order. Perhaps use XML tags

I am trying to make SVG files for a family of parts. The material does not handle slow speed well it burns and chars, but with a quick revisit time at high speed it cuts fine. For example, smaller circles cut fine but larger circles do not cut through because it takes too long to get back to the beginning.

I have written scripts to do arc segments that overlap… But Glowforge does not print the whole file or path in order. It jumps around seemingly at random and reorders the operations.

The sections that print in file order work the way I had hoped.

I believe the reordering is an attempt at cut path optimization. Can we please have the default set to “Not Optimize” for non proofgrade materials? This will give some of us a chance to make the GlowForge work.

Any other method you want to provide for this feature would be great! An XML tag? Awesome! If you were to provide XML tags for advanced options like power settings, focus and help text that would be spectacular and not clutter the GFUI more.

Thank you!


You can control cut path ordering with colors in your SVG file. Take a look at:

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Hi, Thanks,

I will be doing that in the short term, unfortunately that is going to require dozens of colors to perform the simple tasks I am asking. which brings up a warning every time the part re renders.
I am hoping for a way to allow each color to cut in the same order as the file has them.

Interestingly, most materials do better with more time between passes. What are you cutting?

Small circles run at a lower speed because acceleration is limited. That is more likely the reason they cut through.


Thanks, @astrahan for the suggestions! We appreciate your feedback and I will pass it to the right team.