Would the GF be able to engrave or cut fiberglass?

Lasers can cut fiberglass material…probably not hardened thick stuff though…


I’m not sure a CO2 laser would be the best tool for the job, and reading it appears one of the resins used to bind fiber glass into a rigid material is vinylester. At least the first MSDS I found said toxic fumes from burning. On the other hand polyester resin I think was mentioned ok on other threads. I think the take away is before you try it be sure of what is in it and do the flame test and look up the data sheets.

I’m pretty sure that last bit could be said about anything except proofgrade though.


Fiberglass is not recommended, by the very nature of its composition. First, like said above, the bonding component/resin used may give off toxic fumes. Secondly, the fibers that are fused in that resin aren’t usually distributed perfectly even throughout an object. Thicknesses could vary, and (from a vertical laser’s viewpoint) some spots will be more fiber, less resin; and other places will be less fiber, more resin.


You are correct for poured fiberglass but the fiberglass fabric works


Yeah, i’ve never used it myself so I am not sure. I saw some cool guitar parts that were fiberglass based though and appeared to be laser cut with fancy designs.


Definitely check the MSDS before you do…and even then I’d be wary.