Finger Edge Pyramid

Does anybody know of a place to get a pyramid file? I want it to be like the finger boxes, but, well, a pyramid. I tried to make my own file for it but it isn’t clicking. I want to make my husband a Sith Holocron to match the Jedi Holocron i’ve already made. I saw somebody else had asked about this before but there was no solution to it. I’m going to keep trying to make the file myself, but if anybody has even any pointers that would be super helpful!

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Repeat after me, “I asked, so it is all my fault when I’m broke.”

I know what a Sith is, because nerd, but I am unaware of this Sith Holocron of which you speak and why a pyramid file is required. If the pyramid file isn’t a 100% necessity, here are more fine woodworking files than you can shake a rasp at:

Otherwise search for metal working tools, they’re big on files. Also, backyard forges, which are way cool.

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Sith Holocrons are much like the Jedi ones, but the are pyramid shaped.

While metal ones would be wicked cool, I’m sticking with my wood and acrylic, haha.

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On the off chance you want a file from which you can cut a pyramid shaped object, you may want to investigate the dodecahedrons and their geometric cousins. They are connected with either 3D printed connectors:

Or you can cut your own:

You want inspiration from one of the -hedrons. The side pieces are easy enough. Then just do the math for the connectors. Those triangle end pieces will be convenient mounting spots.

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For anybody else reading this, I found this post and I think it will help me out a lot.


Try go to, design a square box, then cut diagonals using your favorite vector software.

Making your own is a lot of fun

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That’s an interesting resource! Except I’m afraid you will have a tough time getting it to work because of the need for angling the cuts. Unless you purposely make them long and just file or sand off the overhangs.

Meanwhile this resource has templates for pyramidal boxes you can cut and fold:

Oh! I know! Make one of the “foldable” boxes from the above resource, but put living hinges along the edges so it will fold into a pyramid. That might work.


I found that one, actually! But I am really set on finger, as I haven’t messed with living edge at all. I think I might have figured it out, will update later C:

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Plus it looks really cool :slight_smile:


From the resource, the dado blade is angled in a manner not easy to reproduce on the glowforge. So I don’t see this working unless you go skinny fingers and then use a lot of wood filler.

I wasn’t going to use their methods exactly, but the shape of the fingers is what I needed. I have some ideas going right now, and I’ll post a link here when I think I have them figured out. Going to do some tests with cardboard first haha.


If you want to use internal 3D printed connectors, there is a free file on Thingiverse for a pyramid.


Hey all! Here’s how my idea turned out in cardboard. VERY happy. Once I get it finished out in wood (which will require some sanding) I’ll share the file in Free Designs.


Yeah - progress! I’m sure some of us would love to hear how you figured this out and I for one will look forward to your file as and when. Thanks for sharing your progress so far, always fun to know others are working through problem solving towards successful accomplishments.

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Excellent prototype! Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

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