Firmware update indication on the button


Continuing the discussion from Stuck on "Needs Calibration":

Seems like a good idea would be to do something different with the button to indicate that a firmware update is happening, so people don’t think the calibration is stuck and turn it off and on again.


All colors flashing sequentially. :sunglasses:


Disco Download :sparkler:


Even an alert in the interface.


ANY indication would be better than the apparently current “none”.

I lost many hours of work yesterday trying to figure out where the problem was. Finally, at some point, it worked – after being turned on/off many times, letting things sit, testing networks, manually refreshing bed image, and so on…

Had there been a simple “Updating Firmware” message or slow, purple (more magenta, maybe) fading button, I would have waited patiently instead of considering not using this machine for anything time-sensitive. :roll_eyes:


Good suggestion - will hopperize.

@gwygonik: We didn’t have any firmware push yesterday. I’d suggest starting a Problems & Support ticket. From your description, it sounds like a wifi connectivity issue - a neighbor starting a big download on a conflicting channel or something - but I’m not the expert on such things.


So I 100% would love to see this. Should it go into P&S so it gets to the right people?


I think I posted it in P&S and @Jules moved it.


Thanks @dan.

Thankfully I don’t have any neighbors and wifi to/from the unit seemed to be working okay as I was able to use the GFUI to manually refresh the bed image, and there’s only one other device on the same wifi. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for hopperizing; any status indicators of any sort will help! :slight_smile:


Yes, I did. My bad - I misunderstood the thread. I thought it was just a discussion not something that you were looking for an answer from Support on.

Happy to put it back. Sorry about that.


Yes just a “its in the hopper” or “we are not going to do that”.


In my day job I designed and programmed s USB “Disco Button” with 12 RGB LEDs that you could download complex sequences to. It was based on this: Probably a bit over the top for a GF.


I would think it would make a great escutcheon.


The idea for the button light would be OK…sometimes… but for me, my main computer is in a different room and I’m usually multitasking on it while I wait for the print to load…so a button of a different color or whatever would be of no use to me. Occasionally, I’m near the Glowforge itself…and in that case an alert of that kind would work for me.


I think it does firmware upgrades when you switch it on so you probably would be next to it then, wondering why it isn’t calibrating.


Yes and no. If you don’t mess with the power switch or lift the lid during calibration then it’s not a problem. So would have to be next to it to screw something up. For me 90% of the time I turn it on and immediately walk upstairs. Only rarely do I watch the cal process. Never had it not complete.


In addition to the excellent ideas here, I’d really appreciate it if the online troubleshooting page could include a definitive list of button color codes: ready for setup, too hot, too cold, just right (ready to print), nuclear war is imminent, etc.

Given that approx 1-in-12 men and 1-in-200 women are color blind in one form or another, having clearly labeled high-quality images of each button state would be a great help.


Teal means it’s in wifi setup.
Yellow means check the UI.
Right now, that should be it - we occasionally see other colors when something really strange is wrong (like one of the RGB LEDs is dead!)

Purple Button
Purple button again

It would be nice if that yellow button checking UI indicated that it was updating, not just calibrating.


Thanks for all the feedback! I’ve recorded it and will make sure the team gets it.