First paid production 'forging


So not to necrothread, but a long time back I made some 4-pack beer holders

And my colleague (of colorectal surgery fame) who runs a home brewery wanted to pay me to make a whole slew of these for his holiday gifts. So fired up the Glowforge and lased away. Only got 6 ones done yesterday afternoon (takes 25 minutes start to finish). For safety my design has the bottom hung off tabs rather than just glue since I worry with all the condensation that the glue may fail (it’s wood CA glue).

Beer tags

Woo hoo! Cheers for paid 'forging!


Woooohoooo! Nice to have a fallback career in case the medical thing doesn’t work out. :laughing:


That’s a good idea. Mine (a 6-pack holder) uses a hooked foot for the bottom “tabs” - I don’t want someone having their bottles fall and smash into a million pieces and a loss of good brew just because the glue fails.


Love the paid forging. I’m hoping to get some stuff worked out for a bit of paid forging. Right now, I’m giving some small things to people I think will be good word of mouth.


Love your work on the forge as well as all of your medical projects. Always impresses me.


I think I’d skip the colon engraves on these. Lol Great job!


Sounds like a new maker mark for @henryhbk!


Great job!!!


I’m sure he will really enjoy his gift giving with these!


Sweet little side job! It keeps things interesting :smile::beer: