First print, founders ruler, fouled badly on cutting

I finished setting up the system this evening and chose a safe first print, the GlowForge founders ruler. I used the ProofGrade Medium Maple Plywood. The print started fine, the etching went seemingly well. When it came to the cutting, I noticed it started the first side cut at an angle, cutting through the zero. It made the bottom cut fine and then when it started the right side, it suddenly made a strange noise, laser arm shifted (as if stuck on one side) and the cut started diagonal again.

I sent a message to support and decided to try it again. I got the exact same result on the second attempt. It is late on a Friday so I don’t expect a response until Monday. I decided to post here in hopes there might be a simple answer.

Is there anything I can check or do? Is my unit defect/damaged?

At this point, turn it off and wait to hear from support. Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

Yikes. That is an anomaly. Haven’t seen that before.

Wow, something went very wrong. :frowning:

Too bad. But support has your back. :sunglasses:

Mostly agree with @Jules but if you can’t stand it, turn it off and push the Y gantry all the way to the back gently but with enough force as to push both sides against the stops.
As you go feel for any tightness or looseness that is a lot different than the other side.
If everything feels good you might want to boot back up and let it calibrate. If that goes well, try it again.


Looks like the grub set screw on the right came loose which is the opposite side of another one that needed to be returned today.

If this was the Shapeoko or X-Carve forum, we’d post a picture of which motor shaft to check and remind you to put blue Loctite on it.


I’m so sorry! We’ll need to replace your unit. Thanks everyone for pointing this issue to support.

@tombriner I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.