First project, a map (acrylic top)

Huge shout out to ryanjpedersen and his post years ago that inspired me to use my wifes Glowforge to start some of my own little projects. I’d link to it but new users can only put 3 links up :frowning: I’ll post a reply with his original work.

Mistakes were made… I had to print that map maybe 5 times before getting the settings right, and even now some tweaking is needed to pull out even more definition of the height map. I also drank some whiskey and made the original holes the wrong size, requiring more print attempts. Learning curve using Illustrator for the first time, that took some time as well. But now that I have down the basics I should be able to do them pretty effortlessly from here on out.


Here is the map that gave me the idea and put me to work;

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Very nice first project.

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That’s lovely. I do like the look of offset acrylic!

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I think it’s wonderful that you made the effort to really learn about the process and stick with it to achieve such a great result. I have a lot of respect for that.


I think your persistence paid off very nicely - well done! (liked your whiskey derailment comment…)

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The state with the best geology of all in terms of size and variation. Great way to showcase it.

Holy cow this is awesome! I love it!

Thanks man!

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It’s great to know what you want, and then to make that happen on the Glowforge.

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For the topo map, could you just use a regular topo & then invert colors to get the white at the high points?