First shot at a custom puzzle design (Circular)

Well, OK not really the first attempt… the two attempts before this one became seriously heavy computational monsters because I built them in Fusion 360, and ended up designing myself into a corner anyway… which is really tough to do considering they’re all round designs… :smiley:

I don’t know if this one would be super easy because every piece is obviously very different so there is no confusion about which part goes where, or if the particular pattern makes it tougher…

I did jump around the whole area of the design a bit though and worked in sections. You can actually see changes in the style where I got bored… had lunch… decided to try a little different style in a different area… got bored again… etc. LOL (Sorry, after staring at spirals for hours on end I was just going batty)

I dunno… don’t have my GF yet to give her a test run.

I’m open for feedback if anyone wants to take a look or is curious enough to print one and give it a whirl.


This looks fun!! If I get the chance, I’m so cutting this tomorrow…lol


Hmm I just remembered that this one is all individual line segments because it was originally a Fusion360 model exported as PDF and I haven’t joined the line segments into nicer paths because Inkscape’s method of doing that is seriously time-sucking.

I did have another version where I exported a DXF file then brought into Inkscape and manually traced over it with nice continuous paths but ultimately didnt like that result (the tracing was not obsessively perfect enough) LOL.


No worry, I use corel…easily joins segments…


Next puzzle: Death Star, then Millennium Falcon


There was one point where this one did look a bit like the Death Star, so that idea is already planted. Hahaha!


Very cool design! So many awesome puzzles!


Not easy…lol
I rushed a bit in joining the lines and there were several overlaps…might have been my fault for rushing…lol.
It also created a little tiny piece that fell out completely beneath the honeycomb.

Wasnt easy to remove the mask…it sort of exploded…lol

I made this small cause I like to keep them in my purse when I’m bored…lmao. These are tiny!

Finally got to together… Partly because several groups were still together and I used the pic as a reference :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think I’ll share this one with my friends lest I lose them all…lmao…
They think @joe and @ian had hard puzzles… :wink:

Dont mind the burn mark…scrap piece…but it actually made it just a bit easier to put it together…lol
I also painted the back of the pieces blue…just a small advantage…lol



Looks similar to a maze I started but did not get a chance to finish.


Oh wow!!!


You haven’t seen the “A” puzzle yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok got inspired by my ruler and added color…make sure you separate the pieces to let them dry…

Went together much easier…I would say easy/medium …


Aww now yer cheatin’ hahahaha :smiley:

When I built this in Fusion I based it on about 100mm diameter, and I had printed it at that size on paper and realized how small the pieces were. When I generated the PDF file I used Fusion to make the drawing at 2:1 scale as a default size. So you actually made it roughly the size I originally designed it at. haha!

Thanks for giving it a run!


Nice! That would make a cool clock.


I cheated, too. My kids spent 20 minutes solving this with the engraving. Harder and they would have given up.

The weeding was involved.
I didn’t fuss with your file. Lines are dandy the way they are. It cut nicely. I may engrave a tray to keep it together.


Yes…makes it way better…I made the border a bit thicker too

I like the engraving :smile:


Did the laser jump all over the place or did it seem to cut in a reasonable order? @smcgathyfay joined lines to help give a little control to the path the laser takes. I dont know if that helps with the GF but in my experience with CNC plasma cutters and CNC fabric cutting tables, that can make a good difference in time/efficiency.

Well, I thought that the tapered shape of the pieces emanating from the center would have helped key it together and keep it less… umm… “explody”… ahahahaha!

So it just hits me that a 4" diameter version could actually be good for drink coasters at restaurants to help keep patrons entertained while they wait for drinks/appetizers/entree’s. Hmm!


If you leave tiny tabs on the cuts and engrave them half way through then it could arrive intact and “snap” apart.


You know, that would be a snap to set up too because all those line segments are already individual and even the longer curves are actually broken into multiple segments. Easy enough to grab some and set to a score color.

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